backhoe cake

It’s birthday party time again at my house, this time my son is turning four and we all know what little fellas like- building and digging equipment, especially in the shape of a cake… a backhoe cake.

backhoe cake
backhoe cake
My youngest just turned four, that makes me feel really old. I am no longer the cute young mom toting the chubby baby, but the old Mom getting harassed by preteens for their own cell phone. But, on the bright side I can usually go to the store alone and that is a definite plus.
My little fella is all about cars (especially the movie Cars) so when I saw this backhoe cake in Family Fun magazine I decided to give it a try. The scale on mine is a bit whacked- as you can see. The donut wheels were the real problem, I just couldn’t find the right size. All the chocolate donut hotspots (convenience stores) only had the tiny Donette chocolate donuts in the 6 pack, you know- the ones you eat only on a road trip- or these full-sized ones, conveniently also at the gas station. Thank goodness for crushed up Oreos which I’ve implemented as dirt dozens of times at least. So the backhoe ended up looking like a tough low rider, but the birthday boy and all the other small ones at the party were impressed and that’s what matters.

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    Whopsy cool… wowowowowow. Love the donut/gum drop combination. Sweet. Crew is a lucky foreman to have such a rad mom! Happy birthday. 4 is (one of the) best age(s).


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