mama would be proud

Two things I hated as a child were tomatoes and egg salad. Well, I’ve grown up (a little) and now they are two foods I can’t live without. So mom, I’m sorry I threw away every egg salad sandwich you ever made me, and went hungry. Believe me, I know this trick now that I am a mom- just pack the unwanted kind of sandwich in their lunch anyway, if they get hungry enough- perhaps they’ll try it, maybe?

I despised tomatoes for a long time, well into my twenties. Then one day, while standing in a friends garden, I was offered some grape, pear, and cherry tomatoes. I took a deep breath and gave them a try… and whatda ya know, they are now one of my favorite foods. I still prefer garden tomatoes (to store bought) , but then again who doesn’t?

I always quote to my children from green eggs and ham when referring to any food trying “try them try them and you may…”

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