out with the new and in with the old

So glad to have this dress all finished… twice.
True to form and practice, this pattern proved to be sized for the ladies of the 60’s. Although, I did just now notice the “teen” printed on the top, shame on me, I should have read the fine print.
Above is my second attempt (dress #2), all sewn up, at my daughter’s request, last Halloween. Costume and nice church-going dress in one shot? I’m all over it.
Here is my first attempt. Instead of frustratedly picking apart the seams with tears in my eyes, I calmly set the too-tiny bodice aside… to catch up with me later- I hate unfinished projects. Well, it finally caught me, with the purchase of just a few yards more of the green, I got to work and finally finish tiny dress #1. Since I will never be able to zip into it without some serious time in a prison/starvation setting, I’ve listed on etsy. Where if you are so inclined, and you wear a size 4-6 you may have it for your very own.
Even hemmed to your particular length preference.
The pattern lists bust size 34 and waist size 26 (the measurements of the size 6 dress form shown) as a size 14- just a little different, eh?
We played around with a few accessories– I really do love the lines of the dress, the bosom darts and the high neck line give it that old school certainty and inspire (or practically require) good posture all the live long day, a habit unfortunately fallen by the wayside.

4 thoughts on “out with the new and in with the old

  1. The Duchess

    So beautiful. I especially love the shot with the shadows of the long grass. I have a reissued Simplicity pattern from the 1950s which has been getting a lot of mileage in all sorts of variations–so classy, especially the longer length.

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