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“List goods on Etsy’ has been staring at me from my To Do list for some time now- I don’t know why I put it off for so long– perhaps because the process is tedious, boring and time consuming? So take a look– mostly tiny quilts and banners photographed in summery green surroundings before the snow finally fell, see what I mean about putting it off?

See the good things that you can make when you hoard fabric in all colors, shapes and sizes? People always say ‘hoarding’ like it’s a bad thing…

The joy of finishing this task has left me cheerfully contemplating a Giveaway
Let’s do it… this 6 foot long, for-every-occasion Janette party banner, shown above. All you have to do is leave a comment here, I’ll draw a winner randomly on Monday February 13 at high noon and Voila!– one of you will have a charming piece of flair for your next and-ever-after soiree.  Good luck friends!

4 thoughts on “flair giveaway

  1. Lisa

    I want it! I bought one from you for my friend, and I have every good intention of making one myself, but seeing how things are going these days, it’s not about to happen. Pick me neighbor!


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