countdown to Mad Men, season 5

After a year-and-a-half hiatus, AMC’s Mad Men will finally return to television next Sunday March 25th at 9pm with a 2-hour opener. Season 5 will find Don Draper and the gang well into the mid 1960s, as reflected in the costumes showcased in promotional images. Not much has been revealed surrounding plot, but judging from the pictures, the fashion alone will warrant watching.

Friends, the wait is almost over. If you haven’t watched the previous seasons, you have about a week to catch up- or refresh the gorgeous memories for current fans. Oh, I can’t tell you how much I love watching the characters get dressed every day.

5 thoughts on “countdown to Mad Men, season 5

  1. Sewthegirl

    Gah! I’m so excited that for the last 2 Sundays I’ve thought “It’s finally the day!” only to get smacked with tragic Tivo letdown when it didn’t show up and I realized I had once again jumped the gun. But this week it’s really, really it, Um, this *is* it, right?


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