dandy & flirt

I’ve been dreaming up fancy ways to make use of heaps of the symmetrical scraps cluttering up my space- too small to be very useful yet too big to toss in the garbage.

For many hours now, I’ve been thoughtfully (and haphazardly) sewing them all together with a pinch of rhyme and reason but with plenty of caution tossed aside.

I generally (unconsciously) save solid colored fabrics for bindings or only sparingly mix them in with plenty of patterns- but not today. I forced myself (at least in the beginning) to only sew solid colored strips together and ended up loving the result.

When working with patterned fabrics here are a few helpful few helpful suggestions that I live by- 1) repeat colors or color families, 2) vary the width of the actual strips, 3) mix geometric, small and larger prints.

The pieced panels (solid colors and patterned) are about 17″ (43 cm) by 4 feet (1.3 m) long. Can you venture a guess at what I’m making?

11 thoughts on “dandy & flirt

  1. maggiewinnall

    I love to work this way too, making the most of left overs and am looking forward to seeing the end result!


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