back to school with shiny new kicks

It’s that time of year again… time to set the alarm, pack the lunch, coiff the hairdo, slip on a pair of new shoes and head off to school. Here’s what the first day back looked like at our house:
Carefully planned outfit- as always, thank you H&M.
Pause to enjoy the backpack- I found this in Siem Reap this past summer, the makers was my favorite vendor at the market because her goods were so unique and well made.
This handmade (fully lined with denim under the patchwork) backpack was only $10 and I can appreciate (1st hand) the work that went into making it- worth every dollar I shelled out.
They get tall so fast– 7th grade (boys) watch out.

Lil darling, not afraid to ham it up for the camera and follow the camera mom’s instructions- with a smile.

Another carefully executed plan.
This little man is a bit more serious for the camera- feeling anxious for the 3rd grade.

Riding to school, locking up the bikes.

Heading off to class trying to lose the mom with a trigger camera finger.

I’m lucky a got a shot or two snapped off of this guy, he tried to sneak out. High school baby, 9th grade.

And the eldest? As an upper classwoman (11th grade) she gets an extra day of summer. She goes back to school tomorrow after the freshmen have learned their way around. You can bet she’s got her entire outfit planned out- down to the toenail polish.

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