finally… the weekend

What a week… I feel like I’ve gotten some things checked off the old list but the weekend is a welcome sight. A few more days of warm fall weather are due so we’ll see if we can pull off some outdoor fun tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy the creepy meat-hook apron picture (it’s actually part of an old swing set), not so scary in the daylight but if you were to walk past this scene at night… it might make you scream.

In keeping with this week’s theme and whittling away the checklist of things-to-do… I listed aprons on etsy today.

And a few kooky felt pumpkin head dolls:

Top of the list NOW is Halloween costumes. Here’s what we’ve got planned… a pineapple and a Christmas tree. I hope I can pull if off with the help of a few yards of 1″ thick foam, a string of battery powered lights and plenty of green kinds of fabric. Wish me luck.

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