the making of the event…

I know, I know- enough already with this party! I seem to be doing things backwards here, this post should have come first… oh well, I’m doing what I can!

Some Footloose party essentials- a few handmade goods and a few store bought items that will really make your party stand out and look authentic- very Lehi Roller Mills circa 1984.

Bulb lights can be found at many large retailers, I got these at World Market. Napkins are from Anthropologie, red sparkly swizzle sticks are from Target, flowers courtesy of Blooms, Julia Smith floral. Stars are handmade.

We made the stars that hung above the table out of cardstock, star templates can be found online (in abundance), mod podge (Elmers glue would work too) and load on the glitter. Hang the stars from the ceiling with thread (and tape).

Cassette tape place cards and table decor. Made with a rubber stamp, find it here. A boom box image would also look great, find a rubber stamp version here.

Signage- props for photos, dress up the table or all of the above. Download images here.
The small disco balls (from the Christmas ornament section of any large retailer) were a hit all around- the looked great on the table and no one could keep their hands off them.
Extra props (for funny photos)- open up the dress up trunk or just look around the house for a few hats, glasses, masks, mustaches(?) see what party goers come up with. What’s not to love about dressing up especially when there’s a camera around?

Photo bombed (above) little brother style.
On the playlist- Pandora, we kept it simple with the Footloose station, Michael Jackson channel or 80’s Dance Mix.

Want more?
More event photos.
More Footloose party preparations.
The making of the red dress (from a vintage pattern).

4 thoughts on “the making of the event…

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  3. kalamitykelli

    Love it all! Footloose is based on a town that is right here in my state and my cousins grew up in. When this happened, they actually did not get to have the dance like in the movie, but TV stations came to film people on the streets that evening. Henryetta is a very small town with only 3 blocks of town. My cousin Debbie was out there – this was in the mid-70’s – and when the news cameras shot her the reporter asked her if she was dancing to the music, which she was, but she responded that she was just “moving in a groovy free style” and then she flashed a peace sign. My Aunt and Uncle were staunch members of the local Southern Baptist church and my Uncle was an elder of the church – this mortified them and they walked around for months with their heads hung low – the rest of us saw it on TV and thought it was completely hilarious seeing my goofy cousin dancing and flashing the peace sign! 🙂 Peace Out – KK Hahahaha!!

    1. NoelleOlpin Post author

      Our claim to game here in Utah is the Utah Roller Mills- the actual location where the dance scenes were filmed is just down the street from some friends of mine, it makes me smile and tap my toe every time I happen to drive by!


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