drawstring skirt pattern

Stand out in the crowd by making your very own simple skirt with a wacky combination of fabrics. Perfect with a white tee shirt, chunky necklace and colorful strappy sandals on a hot summer day. The step by step drawstring skirt pattern tutorial is posted here or under the ‘sewing projects’ header (drawstring summer skirt) above.
drawstring skirt

gathered skirt back viewThe back view, might help you decide if you’d like to add pockets or leave them off. They could always be a less obvious fabric (than the one I used on this skirt) or go ahead and leave off the pockets and stay trashy with your phone stuffed in your bra or knickers …wherever it fits best ladies! 😉

easy summer skirt

No need to be matchy-matchy, get bold and stand out in a crowd!

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    1. NoelleOlpin Post author

      That fabric is so great. The flowers got bigger as you went down the width. This is the big flowers at the bottom part. Dang, I wish I had more!


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