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ruffle birthday cake

teenager birthday time- ruffle cake

It’s birthday time once again in these parts, this month belongs to the Doodle. Thirteen wonderful years for me, the mother of the cleverest crafter, cook, good attitude gal and joker in the West. She’s the kid who asks, “what’s for dinner tonight?” the moment she walks in from school everyday.
Luckily, “Can I make dinner?” are usually her next words. To which my reply is nearly always “Yes!” Here’s my rendition of the ruffle cake she ordered off pinterest:
ruffle cakeAfter making all those ruffles, my forearms were burning like I’d just led a 200 ft. 5.11b rock climbing route.

teens and ruffle cakeThe Doodle and her girlfriends ready to dig in then run off and play hours of night games all over the neighborhood.

ruffle cake and tall candlesLove her new hipster glasses she just picked out for herself.

party bannersThis is about it for decorations- but 5 banners- isn’t that enough?

blow out the candles, ruffle birthday cakeHere’s Instagram and the Mayfair filter, making everything look better.

ruffle CakeProcess evident picture- iPhone, lighter, sharpie, Cheetos puffs as appetizer (another personal request, party essential) right out there in the open.

ruffle cakeThree layers of chocolate and an extreme amount of frosting. Yum.

I don’t know how else to say it… they grow up SO FAST! Cherish every minute, even the tough ones because sooner that you think they’ll be heading off out the door.

Ski parka cake- cake ideas for boys

ski parka cake, cake ideas for boysThis is far from the most professional looking cake I’ve ever made, but I thought I’d share it anyway- in case you need to built a ski parka cake for that winter birthday party, or need cake ideas for boys. Here’s how I came up with the shape:

bake two cakesMix up two cake mixes and bake one in a 9 X 13 inch pan and the other in two 6 X 6 inch pans. Let them cool, then remove the cake from the pans.

cut the cakes, cake ideas for boysLeave the 9  X 13 inch cake all in one piece for the ‘body’ part of the parka.  Cut the other two  cakes into a ‘hood’ shaped round shape, flat on one side for the neck and two 3 inch (or so) strips for the sleeves (there maybe some extra cake depending on how wide you want the sleeves to be). Cut an angle at the top of each sleeve (refer to illustration) to be placed next to the body.

piece the cakes together, cake ideas for boysPut all of the pieces together and begin frosting the center of the hood and work your way out. This project will take plenty of frosting so make sure to plenty on hand. I used the store bought little tubs and used nearly 3 of them to get the cake completely covered- sides and top.

ski jacket cake, cake ideas for boysI hadn’t done much planning in advance and I ran out of time and resources when it came to details. So where I dreamed of a fancy (maybe plaid), high tech parka, I ended up with a simple two color job and only three pockets.
Thoughts on details:
1. Cut up Fruit RollUps would make excellent large polka dots, pockets or cuffs.
2. Buttons could be made with Spree, M & M’s or other flat round candy.
3. Twizzlers or Sour Patch Straws for a zipper or fashionable stripes.
4. Sprinkle Nerds for jacket details.

This cake shape would be cute as a robot cake, just cut out a square head,  instead of a round one, use the excess cake to built legs and frost with gray or silver frosting.

Any other great detail ideas? Do share!

let the wild rumpus begin


20120519-094009.jpgTa-da, the finished skate ramp cake. I’m no professional- as you can see- but the birthday boy was impressed as were the party goers and that’s all that really matters. We had to do some serious searching in our mountains of Legos to unearth a single skateboard (bikes were somewhat easier to find). The lettering is made with stretched out Laffy Taffy pieces, actually pretty easy to work with and very shapeable. The Mike and Ike’s moat give the cake a surreal, other-worldly feel.




20120519-123423.jpgAfter party in the hot tub for the Legos- whoo-whoo!
Look here for the skate ramp cake tutorial.