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back in the swing of things

Phew, what a month it has been. Hardly a moment to do anything but sleep and my filthy house and disheveled affairs show it (hopefully not the children).  Organizing the Beehive Bazaar and then sewing for the event kept me busy the first few weeks of May and right on the tail of that… I jumped on a movie, learning the wardrobe biz. Thankfully it was being shot very close to my house and this made the long days (at least 12 hours) bearable. It was super fun learning wardrobe and right up my alley. It’s like my brain was built for the job.

Now I gotta pick it up, (it’s like I’ve been in a coma for a month) and get everything back on track, and school’s out tomorrow… an added element of madness ensues. I’ll have a 9, 13, 15 year olds (16 yr. old is in Costa Rica as an exchange student until July) with oodles of fresh free time on their hands.

And so, as I blink and stagger back into my life, I’ll share a few giggles with you, these videos have been making us laugh, over and over.

for more Zesty guy commercials look here.

And this might make you jealous and hungry…

the art of clean up

I had to share- because life always seems to come back around to the subject of tiding up.

I ran across the book, The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy, by Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli. Humor-in-art and art-in-life is much appreciated in our house, as is knolling.  A newish but nevertheless important word, knolling is defined as “the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization”. The knolling community would be very proud of this book, probably get a little teary-eyed.

So, instead of showing or telling or selling you that thing that will organize, clean and make your world a peaceful, orderly place- here are a few examples from Wehrli on how to get started:uw3






Reverse the order of the pictures and the scheme makes more sense- although decidedly less funny (and OCD)- constructing instead of deconstructing. How about the poor little buddy in the sandbox? Hopefully his day ended with the picture on the left.

Seriously though, the trick to clean up, in my opinion- is simplify.

Live simply, so that others may live.

Valentine play on words

If you’ve got Valentines on the brain, as it seems I do, take a look at a completely random sampling of Valentine play on words humor, cuteness, play-on-words, and even a couple of cards that might get you slapped. Check out some pretty great vintage cards here and here.
valentine play on words(source)

valentine play on words(source)

valentine play on words(source)

valentine play on words(source)

valentine play on words(source)

valentine play on words (source)

valentine play on words

valentine play on words(source), free printables

valentine play on words

valentine play on words(source)

valentines play on words

valentines play on words(source)