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vintage advice, still relevant

A good friend forwarded this snippet from a Singer sewing manual on to me and I’ve been shocked ever since- that’s the ritual I follow everyday– I never sew without my French chalk by my side… and lots of makeup. Seriously though, it’s why we watch Mad Men, (well, one of the reasons- after the Don Draper reason…), those ladies had so much style and class and never left the house without looking fantastic (apparently same goes for inside the house too).

I’m enjoying the artwork on this leaflet and trying to guess the contents based on the 1949 advice above.

And finally something bit more familiar. In 2012, it’s hard not to overdo it.

By the way, it’s been like 8 days since I’ve bought fabric… so there.

so many bad boat names, so little time

Oh the clever play on words that turn up so often when naming a boat, like that boat captain was the first genius to think up the boat name ‘Wet Dreams’, ‘Breakin’ Wind’ or ‘Fanta Sea’. It’s kind of hard to believe that adult males (ladies- we know better…right?) named these boats and not high school boys.  A few minutes spent at Dana Point Harbor today resulted in a surprisingly high number of bad boat names, with a few more (from elsewhere) thrown in for full effect.
Two in a row…

No beating around the bush here- telling it like it is.
At the very least… this one gets a G rating.

This guy also laughs at fart jokes.
“Kiss my Bass”, this guy laughs at Laffy Taffy jokes.
So is that really a casting company or does he just want all guests who come aboard to look like models? I bet Mr. XT Sea also has that in a vanity license plate, on his Corvette.
Much is left to the imagination on ‘Good Fight II’…

Sea Ducer- #1 on the list of douchiest boat names, and used waay too often. Come on guys, whatever happened to originality in seduction?

This one reminds me of a joke…

Trying really, really… way too hard.

moves like Jagger

If you didn’t catch the season finale of Saturday Night Live this weekend with host Mick Jagger & Foo Fighters- you missed out. I would recommend the whole episode, full of special appearances by John Hamm, Steve Martin, Arcade Fire and Jeff Beck. Here’s the link to a very entertaining skit- karaoke Mick Jagger impersonation by Fred Armisen.

I will admit I got teary eyed (along with everyone on-screen) as they said goodbye to Kristen Wiig with past and current cast members on stage. That girl is brilliant and we’ll all miss her. Here’s hoping she continues on with her fabulous career.