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Pretty Ugly

The more I see the more I love of Italian artist Aldo Lanzini’s work. Brilliant master craftsman of thread, needles, ribbon and wool his creations are intriguing and nonsensical, a cacophony of color and creativity. When asked if he is an artist or a designer he states, “Definitions are always quite liquid. I use my needle as if I were a sculptor. I move instinctively and I don’t think about the design of my work: I create straight away. Needlework makes me think three- dimensionally: I start working on a little piece, than I stand in front of a mirror and I imagine the next step. Sure I have a vision, but I often change my mind when I’m midway. And what was supposed to be a dress turns out to be a jacket“.
Ushers at Missoni’s Spring/Summer 2011 show in Milan.

The work of Aldo Lanzini, among many others, is to be featured in a new book Pretty Ugly, a sampling of the “new ugly”, groundbreaking graphics, art and design coming out next month. A book about what it looks like when designers are out to break all the rules… what could be more intriguing?

It’s time for the Beehive Bazaar

Noelle’s Noel: Noelle O Designs’ Christmas Preview from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

My spouse dearest put together this clip about all the handmade delights I’ve constructed this season (teeheehee, aw shucks and all of that). Check it out, and come on over to Beehive Bazaar in Provo UT to get your hands on oodles of handmade goods from lots of local, talented artisans and crafters.