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today’s project

I picked up this headboard from the KSL classifieds, an indispensible resource when dispensing of unwanted furniture and such, or finding just what you need- used and affordable. It bridges the gap between garage sale and brand new if you know what I mean. I was looking for a manly bed for my 13 year old, not that easy to find in a world of scrolly, shabby chic or race car twin sized headboards.

I was after a dark gray, to cover up the aged laminate surface. The color on the lid isn’t the color I ended up with, as you can see. When the paint was wet, it was the color I was after- but dried, it was straight up primer (just like the can said). In hindsight, I might have just left it gray and put a clear coat over the top so the surface wasn’t so flat… but that’s hindsight for you.

Instead of leaving it gray or making yet another trip to the hardware store for the right color, I dug around in the garage, found two cans of black metallic paint and went for it. Sometimes just getting ‘er done is the most important thing.

Here is the intended destination, messy Marvin’s home…

Ahh, some more little shelves for Marvin to put all of his knick-knacks. The black will work out just fine, although I might have gone back to the hardware store… Finally, we’ve got treasures up on the wall too, and it’s only been a whole year.

I matted and framed these pictures a few months ago, in anticipation of finishing this space. The “Fischer Fest” poster is from our trip to Germany a few summers ago. We saw it hanging on an announcement board… came to a screeching halt… jumped out of the RV… looking around for trouble we picked out the staples holding the poster up for display and made off with the memento. (Side note: I believe it was August when we pilfered the poster, so nobody missed the event due to lack of advertising), good memories. The other poster is from Potter’s Press, a local Utah artist, who might not be so local anymore- I think he’s in grad school back east right now.

And now I’ve got peasant hands- worse than ever.

basement makeover

All of this furniture and stuff got plunked down in this room last year when we finished the basement, shortly after moving in. The kids were very happy to have their little kitchen back (it’s been in storage for two years or so), and I was happy to have a room where the kids, their friends and the toys could all hang out.

But, the kids mostly ignored this room, it didn’t look or feel very cozy-  Netflix was only on the upstairs computer, no Lego playing happening on the hard floor.  So, finally finishing this space has been on my list for awhile- I have a plan…

Number one on the list- book shelves. I though about really searching the online and local world to find some really great shelves and for a smokin’ deal- quickly, (I don’t have that much time or energy right now) I gave up on that plan and just headed to Ikea. Which probably worked out for the best since I needed quite a few different shelf sections on different walls. The doors with glass (for the middle section) and other half doors were out of stock- I gotta wait a few days, go back, and finish up the shelving plan then. I’ve refrained from putting out knick knacks until I get the doors.

I spent way too much time looking at rugs online… decisions, decisions… and especially when I needed two rugs that kinda went together. These rugs are from I am very happy with the look and quality of the rugs- and the speedy delivery.

As you can see, we haven’t bitten the bullet and gotten the big TV to be mounted over the fireplace. I’m still working on it. Luckily, we don’t really watch much TV, but what the kids do watch is generally off Netflix (Psych, and Whale Wars most recently) and standing around the computer upstairs. So it looks like we need a Wii too or whatever… and/or AppleTV-

I. love. this. rug. When I laid eyes on it, I knew it was the one. I tried to coordinate the other one to go with this one.

So far, so good. Gotta finish up quite a few things yet, it finally feeling like a room we want to cozy up to.


It’s just starting to feel like fall around these parts, lovely during the day with a nip in the air at night. Soon, everywhere you look will be colorful like this.

One of the best things about late summer- a fresh meal is only as far away as your garden. This year my garden consists of a few basil plants and three different types of tomatoes, all in pots in my unfinished backyard. Next year we should be up and full-garden-running with some raised beds I’ve got all planned out… in my head.

I think this picture was an accident, some times the best pictures- among other things- come about that way.