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painted desk

Here is the before picture…

and the after… I finally sat down with a brush and leftover garage door paint (Martha Stewart for Home Depot- ‘Hosta’) and got her done. I purposely brushed it on thinly, I wanted some of the wood grain still visible without getting out the sandpaper and officially antiquing it. Looks cute, with the silver bed next to it too.

morning paddle

We rolled out of bed early today and got the kayaks out onto the lake. The sun was just coming up; rain (and a very impressive thunderstorm) rolled through last night and left everything shrouded in mist and feeling fresh.

Deer Creek reservoir is chocked full of water, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the water so high. It’s nice to not have to look at the high water mark around the edges of the lake.

I’m glad I wasn’t swimming- in the swamp sections, I can only imagine feeling the underwater growth touch my legs and losing it. The plants were magical from above, with the pretty pink blooms.

glassy water

wild roses

Looking toward Midway… I decided to avoid getting attacked by the swans and not try and get any closer than this.

summer projects

I’m finally getting around to the front porch chairs… perhaps it’s mostly because I couldn’t really come up with any more colors I liked after all of the sudden adding so much with the garage, front door and shutters.  I’ve collected these chairs over the winter, with the front porch in mind- the rocker one was given to me by a storage unit neighbor (yay, I love free!) and I found the other two in an antique store’s back lot- super cheap.

I like the pink, even though it looks a little bright in this picture, the silver works too. The silver chair stood out when it was white, I figured a subtle ‘satin nickel’ would be better than a bright color. I think the yellow is too bright, I think I’ll take it down a notch with yet another can of spray paint- when I get a minute.
 By the way- if you are looking for great spray paint colors, check out your local craft store. I discovered (a little late unfortunately) that Michaels had a much better color selection than even Home Depot or Ace hardware stores.