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thrifty leather and fur

Ahh yeah, the eighties are back and with it- lots of high school memories, good and bad fashion ideas and hairdo’s– but really what era doesn’t have a fashion foul mixed in there somewhere? (If I never see low waisted pants on a person doing anything but just standing up- it will be too soon.) We sealed the deal on a recent trip to the thrift store with leather and suede cut right from the pages of 1985.
My now high school daughter is all about high waisted, pencil skirts and is thrilled with this leather find.

It’s feeling very familiar… so I searched through my patterns and sure enough…

…from my pattern collection, circa 1986. I made this skirt in high school, not in leather though- loved it, wore it until the zipper wore out. (I might also have been drawn to the hairdo featured i this pattern as well.)

Couldn’t pass this fur stole over- for $2, it will be incorporated into my wardrobe this winter when the snow flies.

I think it was nostalgia that drew me to this suede skirt- made one just like it back in the day. Once again, it’s going to feel great with a pair of boots and a soft sweater when winter comes.

Anyone remember the flounce?

Look, here’s the pattern from the similar one I made in 1987. I specifically remember losing the skirt, left it at a hair show and never saw it again- long sad story that ends with me getting grounded for a long time and living with a really bad, super lame haircut.

I made both of these shirts as well, I was a sucker for Vogue patterns, glutton for punishment.

I couldn’t pass this up either… I can’t believe I’ve never had a copy of this 1976 Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing- the sewing bible- before now.

a stroll down memory lane

If you were alive in the 80′s then at least one of the following crafts were hanging somewhere in your house- (perhaps currently still on display in your mom’s house?) Go ahead, take a walk back a few years, I’m not sure we’ve hit the vintage category yet with these patterns- maybe 10 more years? Although, I’m pretty sure I saw a duck on something at Urban Outfitters last week…
Dream Spinners: Cotton Candy, circa 1983. I had something similar on my bed that year AND I got to paint a rainbow on my bedroom wall.

Santie Mouse by Luv’n Stuff, circa 1981, I luv the font and layout of this pattern-  truly mouse-istible.

If you wore one of these vests back in the day… I’m sorry. Keep it on the giant stuff animals please. Wait… these might be also at Urban Outfitters this season- wear with high-waisted cutoff jean shorts.

Ruthie and the Country Cousins from 1986. I’m pretty sure there were at least three of these ‘cousins’ proudly displayed in my room from 1981 until I went off to college, ‘Past Times’ is right.

Gone Fishin’ quilts from 1995, I hope this isn’t the first you’ve heard this mentioned but-  if you have a fishing themed room in your house… it’s time to remodel.

Happy Thoughts, circa 1984. The predecessor to all those motivational, happy quotes you see on Pinterest.

His and hers pierrot dolls Pierre and Pierette by Elinor Peace Bailey, from 1982 with ruffle wreath- boo yah!

The Bitsy Kids, circa 1982, BFF’s on horseback.

Your friends might luv one of these whimsical gumdrop filled jars for their birthday.

Things Are Looking Up, cross stitch from 1986, probably my favorite. Customize this treasure with appropriately colored furry thread (please tell me they make furry embroidery floss..) to resemble your own kitty.

Vintage pig and duck stamps, 1983 territory.

Get your needle and thread ready for this Christmastime neighbor gift idea, circa 1985. Thanks Dale.

If you’re feeling jealous and covetous of any of these craft patterns or actual 1980′s vintage craft artifacts, head to your local yard/garage sale this weekend and pick some up for yourself. Have a mouse-tastic day!