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let me tell you a story…

Thought I’d share a few treasured high school dance pictures from the late 80’s. I once heard it said the my generation, Generation X, is the generation that thinks they are cooler than their kids. I believe there may be some truth to that and can’t you see why? Look at the hairdos we invented, the make-up, the Risky Business sunglasses, the puff sleeve… we’re a generation that understood and embraced fashion… (oh wait, shouldn’t that be present tense…)

Now for the tale I promised yesterday-

I attended high school in Southern California, where it was very difficult, as it is in most places, to find a prom dress that didn’t in some way show off something that should be secret. My mom and many other Mormon mothers of that generation strived to maintain control of the modestly and virtue of their daughters by sewing their prom dresses.  My one friend, K (pictured on the right, both rows) had very rigorous modesty guidelines, as you can see from the two dresses she’s wearing above, (thank you Jessica McClintock) likely and expressly her mom’s dress picks.

One year, I believe it was senior prom, K’s mom decided to make her daughter’s dress. But as human nature continually affirms, she procrastinated sewing the dress until the very last minute. She took up the project so late that the final stitches were placed as K used half a bottle of hairspray on her fancy 80’s hairdo and applied the finishing touches of her high school prom make-up. The finished dress was zipped onto the girl and the room fell silent.

The discreetly humble homemade dress was unquestionably the tightest, hottest, low-cut creation a girl could ever dream of wearing. Oh, sleeves were present, but they draped alluringly across her biceps leaving the entire decolletage for the viewing. Let me conjoir up an image-

Oh no, not quite this fit… although this was the shape of the bodice.

This was the look she pulled off. It was fantastically immodest, absolutely stunning, fitting her 17 year old figure like a glove. There was nothing to be done but hand her a winter coat, beg her to wear it and watch her drive off into the California sunset with one extremely lucky high school boy.


Ok, not quite like Christina Henricks, but I had to throw it in. No gal can pull it off like she can.