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still aproning

Here’s a follow up on the apron-in-progress project I’ve been working on all week… This one (at least) is all done- pockets, details and all. I wanted it to be as useful as possible- fit high on the waist- maintaining outfit cleanliness. I think I need to make a few more using this pattern.

I just discovered this flowering bush across the street from my house. The perfect spot for an apron photograph. It was begging me to take it’s picture,  then be dug up and planted on my property. Seriously, that’s what it said…

Does anyone have any idea what kind of plant/bush/shrub this is? It looks to be around the size and shape of a forsythia (the yellow blooming bushes you see in the springtime) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these before, or at least not while it was blooming or I would already have one in my life. I love spring.

apron time- part 2

20120425-095011.jpgHere is my second method for attaching the collar. The seam is under the collar, hidden from the inside and outside of the apron. Worked pretty well, but you have to make sure your two collar pieces overlap (or at least touch) in the front and back to avoid seeing the stitching. I stitched the  three layers together (minus the actual collar) to make it lay flatter.

20120425-095024.jpgI do like the look of this method better. A few more tries and I should get to down.

20120425-095037.jpgI even tried top stitching the outer edge of the collar with a fancy stitch.

20120425-095051.jpgA smaller collar, back to bias tape to attach.

20120425-095106.jpgI like adding buttons for that school girl look.




20120425-095203.jpgIf you recall this apron from yesterday- it got the chop. The bodice part was just too jacked up. I added a wide waistband, to be worn high on the waist.

20120425-095217.jpgI think it might need at least one pocket, and some lace to the waistband too. Decisions, decisions…

apron time, one thing led to another

What my entire life feels like right now- messy, projects piled on top of each other, disorganized and jumbled with a fat cat napping right in the middle.

I’ve been playing around with apron patterns, fun but lots of work. Following a pattern (being told what to do) is lots easier. After many failed attempts, I like how this one’s shaping up.

This one is a fail (look at the crazy wide panel by the shoulder, what would be in your armpit). But, I’m gonna fix that and make that apron work because I like the fabric and lace trim additions on the front.

I have a whole bag full of lace and other trim pieces that are less than 1 yd. long, that I’m not willing to dispose of. When ideas like this one come up, I’m glad I saved all those tiny pieces.

I threw some giant back rick rack and a few machine appliqued flowers to jazz this apron up.

The way the black bias tape looked at the neck on this apron got me thinking about adding a collar to some other aprons.  Here is my first attempt:

I decided to give a bigger collar a try here. After many failed attempts, I pencil and papered up a pattern that looked like it would work.
Now, to attach the collar… I’ve got a few ideas, here’s the first:

Just a piece of white bias tape, all the way around the neckline, making it very obvious and flat (if that makes any sense). What troubles me most is the different in whites, between the bias tape and the actual collar fabric- I don’t like it. And, should the edge of the collar be top stitched?

I think now I need to try the other method I have in mind, where all the stitching is hidden on the inside (underside) of the aprons neckline.

Wish me luck. Right now though, I think I’ll take a break- get on the road bike to clear my head and enjoy the spring sunshine.