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Messengers of Peace

20120820-152355.jpgRemember these fabrics from my trip to the garment district in LA about a month ago? Well, I’ve put them to good use and made up a few messenger bags. Here’s how they turned out:
I truly love both of these fabrics. They would look good in a couch/pillow combo as well.

The striped bit of fabric is a sleeve for stowing your waist strap when not in use.

The inside, mixing up the colors and patterns.

20120820-152445.jpgThis picture doesn’t do this fabric justice, it’s a bright orangy-red color, I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even know what type of fabric it is (the official name for it)- heavy, upholstery weight, yet soft- is all I can come up with. I think you’ll agree, the built in clock is very handy for the time obsessed.

Built-in strap sleeve- camouflage style.

This bag got snatched up this past weekend at Park Silly Sunday Market, I snapped a quick picture before kissing it goodbye. It went to a good home, (I interviewed her before finalizing the adoption) just kidding, it wasn’t quite that serious but I had to make sure she was sufficiently in love and appreciated the vintage barkcloth details before I let it go.

Goodbye little messenger, enjoy your new home.

barkcloth table runner

Back from vacation in Jackson Hole and head first into duties and responsibilities- being an adult is truly delightful. I got right down to the business of hand making a birthday gift for a friend of mine.
A reversible table runner in the making, here are the pieces being organized. In my book there are just a few rules to guide you when piecing together something wild and random. Here are the guidelines:
1) use various widths for the pieces
2) pick a few colors to focus on
3) use the same fabric a few times throughout
4) vary the patterns in the fabrics- small & large prints, geometric patterns etc.

All pieced together and ironed.

I found this perfectly-perfect piece of vintage barkcloth in amongst my piles of fabric and it’s even barely the right size- miracles do happen.

I decided not to put any interfacing or batting between the two layers this time, either way works just fine for a project like this, it’s just a matter of preference on a project like this.

I ironed the heck out of the wild pieced side, then pinned like crazy to keep the layers from moving at all when I sewed them together. I sewed the two layers together ‘in the ditch’ or very close to the seam (or ditch), using tan thread so the stitching blends in on the barkcloth side.

The stitching is there, but blends in well.

I used black bias tape to finish the edges- after I squared things up and trimmed the edges first.

All finished- here’s the subdued and sophisticated side- makes me feel like I’m on the set of Mad Men. (If I were to be granted three wishes, one would definitely be to hang out the set of Mad Men- maybe work in the costume department?)

Welcome to the jungle- life on the wild side.