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10 easy holiday crafts (using fabric scraps)

Enhance family time over the holidays by incorporating a project into the schedule. These projects are budget-friendly, all ages- so gather everyone up and get your creative on!
If you do any sort of sewing or crafting you most likely have a container- either a shoe box and maybe a storage unit- full of various-sized fabric scraps just waiting to be utilized.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking, and then cutting. All these projects are made using stacked circles, but don’t stop there- start cutting out various shapes and see what you can come up with.

For quick connecting of layers I sewed the stacks all together with loop-the-loops sewn on the sewing machine, this shows off all the colors and designs and can be made into so many things:
Garlands, leave the circles all sewn and strung together to create a colorful accent. Make multiple garlands to hang on the Christmas tree or in a window, over a doorway or around a wreath.

Framed circles– under glass, no sewing necessary. Variations: create a scene of some sort (self portrait, favorite place etc.) with other shapes. Pillow sham– circles can be machine-stitched or hand-stitched to the sham. Christmas tree ornaments– be sure to make them attractive on both sides and sew in a piece of ribbon for hanging. For a rounder shape, add stuffing between layers of circles.

The brighter the better, choose fabric colors and designs that pop!

Make stacked circles into flowers, complete with stalks and leaves.

Dress up a plain skirt, purse or bag, or neckline of a t-shirt with stacked circles. Use various stitches on the sewing machine (or hand-stitch into place) and let the edges fray when washed.

Use buttons to add details (or embroidery stitches) and make the circles look like flowers, faces etc.

Small quilt– for the more serious project-minded individuals. And excellent handmade gift idea. For more examples and quilt shapes look here.

Any other helpful ideas or tips to add? Please share with a comment!


apron time- part 2

20120425-095011.jpgHere is my second method for attaching the collar. The seam is under the collar, hidden from the inside and outside of the apron. Worked pretty well, but you have to make sure your two collar pieces overlap (or at least touch) in the front and back to avoid seeing the stitching. I stitched the  three layers together (minus the actual collar) to make it lay flatter.

20120425-095024.jpgI do like the look of this method better. A few more tries and I should get to down.

20120425-095037.jpgI even tried top stitching the outer edge of the collar with a fancy stitch.

20120425-095051.jpgA smaller collar, back to bias tape to attach.

20120425-095106.jpgI like adding buttons for that school girl look.




20120425-095203.jpgIf you recall this apron from yesterday- it got the chop. The bodice part was just too jacked up. I added a wide waistband, to be worn high on the waist.

20120425-095217.jpgI think it might need at least one pocket, and some lace to the waistband too. Decisions, decisions…