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upcycling at it’s best

While in Cambodia last month we picked up a couple of messenger bags made from recycled rice sacks. Upon further inspection I realized they have a website, AngkorRecycled.org, with many other varieties of bags available- and I wish I had purchased at least one of every kind of their bags and wallets (they were extremely cheap by American standards- to say the least). I’m in love, love, love with all of their goods and the premise of the company and operations. Cambodia needs small business, recycling and innovators like Ms. Yung Sothea who founded Angkor Recycled in 2007. Hats off to a job well done, if I owned a boutique in town I would be importing these goods for sure.

a milestone

Today my eldest turns 16, she got her driver’s license at 8:01 am and drove off into the rising sun- to a worthy destination- to work at Park City Sailing Camp. It’s hard to believe how time passes so quickly, they grow up so fast- it’s so cliche and couldn’t be more true. It’s this little lady that I followed to Cambodia a few weeks ago to help with the humanitarian service trip she prepared a year for. Thanks for being such a great kid, good example and so much fun. Happy Birthday world traveler!20120711-140307.jpg
Rock Canyon, Provo Utah 2005

Paris, France 2007

One Mile Beach, New South Wales, Australia, January 2010

Prague, Chechoslovakia, June 2011

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia, June 2012

Cambodian textiles

As a fabric and textile junkie- and just having returned from Cambodia- this book, Pictorial Cambodian Textiles by Gill Green, grabbed me and pulled me in. Unfortunately, you’d probably have to find a museum in Cambodia to see this stuff in real life, I didn’t see a drop of it on my visit (this whole planet is turning into a ‘Made in China’ experience). Have a look, get inspired and make something of your own.
I’m happy to report- there is an Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles in Siem Reap, may tradition and culture live on!