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kids request sensible Christmas gifts

kids request sensible Christmas gifts My 12 year old wants a pony. She’s so serious, she wrote a two page paper on why. This is the priceless letter we just received from her:

*Sorry, the author requested I remove her letter.

What does a parent say to that?

kids request sensible Christmas gifts
Now, if that wasn’t enough to swallow, my 10 year old son told me (in all seriousness) that all he wants for Christmas is a monkey. A real, live throwing-poo-around-their-cage monkey. Nothing else. Then he spent about an hour researching pet monkeys online. He is completely convinced it’s an excellent idea and having a pet monkey around the house would be no trouble at all. And why wouldn’t you ask for a monkey when your sister is convinced she’s getting a horse?!

So that- in a nutshell- is what I’m working with this Christmas…


I just picked up some wool from the local quilter focused fabric store. I’m going to be making Christmas gifts for friends this year. Handmade Christmas gifts are the best and why not out of wool?! I love this stuff, it feels so good and the colors are amazing. Here are some examples of the final product… wool Christmas trees.
wool Christmas trees