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easy felt Christmas ornaments DIY

christmas ornaments fabric scraps

Making felt Christmas ornaments as gifts for friends or for your own tree is fun and can be a great family activity. Be prepared to make a big mess and glue your fingers together in the name of Christmas fun.

felt ornaments

Here is how to make felt covered styrofoam ball Christmas ornaments:

felt christmas ornamentTo make felt Christmas ornaments you will need a hot glue gun, styrofoam balls and 2 pieces of felt cut into circles.

felt christmas ornamentFirst put a thin, small amount of glue in the center of the felt. The hot glue tends to melt the styrofoam so use as little as possible throughout the entire process.
felt christmas ornamentPlace the styrofoam ball in the center of the glue area on the felt.
felt christmas ornament

Pick up the ball, holding the glued center area and snip with sharp scissors at 1 to 1.5 inch intervals around the felt, about 1 inch long snips.

felt christmas ornament

Put a thin layer of glue on the first felt section.

felt christmas ornamentsPress the glue covered section down against the styrofoam.
felt christmas ornamentsCover the second section with glue, covering the whole section but especially the corners.
felt christmas ornamentsPress the second section down, overlapping the first section so it lays flat against the styrofoam.
felt christmas ornamentsRepeat the process of gluing and pressing down the felt sections working your way around the ball.
felt christmas ornamentsMake sure to put glue on all corners to flatten down the felt so you still have a round ball shape.
felt christmas ornaments

felt christmas ornamentsKeep gluing until one whole side is finished.
felt christmas ornamentFinish the other side the same way- begin with a bit of glue in the center if the felt.
felt christmas ornamentsPlace the ball right in the center of the felt circle, in the glue area.
felt christmas ornamentsPick up the ball and the felt circle, holding over the glued area. With scissors, cut slits around the felt about 1 to 1.5 inches apart.
felt christmas ornamentsBegin by putting a thin layer of hot glue on the first section, especially on the edges and corners.
felt christmas ornamentsThen follow gluing the first with the second section overlapping the edges as you go along, until you finish gluing all of the sections down.

felt christmas ornamentsYour styrofoam ball should be completely covered with felt now and ready to embellish.

felt christmas ornamentsIdeas for trimming your ornaments: ribbon, rick rack, sequins, sequined trims, sequins (and straight pins for attaching), colorful felt shapes, beads.
felt christmas ornaments
I added the beads and small felt circles (about the size of coins) to the top and bottom of the ornaments when I hung them. I ran I long needle with a thin ribbon through the center of the styrofoam ball so the ornament is held from the bottom with a ribbon going all the way up through. Good luck, and have a very -handmade- Merry Christmas!
felt christmas ornaments

trimming the Christmas tree

Here is how trimming the Christmas tree went this year. The ‘chubby’ full tree isn’t my first choice, but the kids picked this one out with their Dad. I prefer a Charlie Brown looking, sparce tree.  He is a lot less of a control freak (yoga breathing) than I am when it comes to things like picking out Christmas trees. But, I love it now all dolled up with lights and ornaments.

Collage Art- ‘lemur lady’ from the Beehive Bazaar.

A gift from Molly, picked up at Felt Club. Silkscreen on felt.

Sparkle bird, with crown… can you ever have too much sparkle? I don’t think so (wait, in some cases-probably yes…)

This is actually a coaster, but I like it much better as an ornament. We don’t have much use for coasters around these parts.
Steph gave me this one, it’s from Coal Umbrella.
We sure think that cats doing silly things is darn funny. If you feel the same way, and you especially love hamsters- go see Bolt. I laughed ’til I cried (mostly feeding off the giggles of my kids).

Another felt ornament purchased for inspiration (from Anthropologie). I would like to make a few of these someday.

I did make this one. A new craft I just tried- made from big, round and flat sequins, pins, a styrofoam ball, and some green wool felt. I really like the way it turned out. Perhaps I put a tutorial on this blog after Christmas when I have a minute to breathe.

A few lovely fishies. The yellow fish, is from Felt Club but I embellished it a bit. I sewed the silkscreened fish on felt onto two pieces of pinking shear cut silver fabric then stuffed with a bit of batting- for a little extra pizazz. You could also sew it on a t-shirt, skirt or backpack, maybe I will change it up after Christmas.
If I remember correctly, the other fish in the background is from Pearl River Mart in NYC.

What in the crap am I doing blogging? I have many so many things I should be doing-finishing handmade gifts, wrapping, thankfully no more shopping, shoveling and the list goes on…..
Good luck with Christmas preparations everyone!

Trimming the tree

trimming the tree
We finally got the tree up and decorated, and all of the other Christmas decor in it’s place. This is quite a job, 2-3 days of pulling out tubs of Christmas goods, putting it all up, rearranging furniture, cleaning, and then putting back away all tubs and other stuff before it makes you crazy.
Being the Mom at Christmastime is a special job, very busy indeed.
So, here she is this year… the tree. We couldn’t cut our own this year. Oh no, we got to find out first hand that the last of the cut-your-own Christmas tree farms (that I know about) just turned into a subdivision. Bummer.
The lot where we got this tree swore up and down this one was just cut a week ago- so far she’s holding up nicely, smells great, drinks tons. So today on this rainy Friday (please change to snow, please!)I spotlight just a few of my favorite ornaments I’ve collected over the years for trimming the tree properly.

trimming the tree, bird head human body figurine
I think I’ve blogged this one before. I love it so much, I leave it up all year. I got it at Felt Club last year.

trimming the tree, upcycled aluminum frame with Jesus
Reminding us the reason for the season, from Blue Cockatoo.

trimming the tree, Nancy Drew hand drawn ornament
Nancy Drew, original artwork by my friend Edie, from the Beehive Bazaar last Christmas.

trimming the tree, collage voodoo doll ornament
Voodoo dolly ornament, from the Beehive Bazaar a few years back.

Well, it’s back to the sewing room. I took the handmade pledge, and I’ve got work to do.