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scribble or freestyle sewing

green viewsSince I’m most comfortable and quite happy behind a sewing machine, I’m always intrigued to find new and interesting sewing methods in play. Here are some inspiring, imperfect and delightfully messy examples of scribble or freehand sewing, however you call it- I love it.  Who needs a straight line anyway?

6875489059_35e2b7778b_zI need to practice this drawn portrait method by doodling more with a pen and paper, then experimenting with the feed dogs down on the sewing machine.

scribble_fabricA tutorial on how to scribble on fabric for those who’d like a lesson in scribble sewing.

scribble sewing shirtI feel like too many t-shirts these days are so in-your-face and obnoxious in their text and graphics, I prefer this subtler option for a T-shirt design, so free-thinking and open-minded. Perhaps I’ll try this and make a scribble t-shirt this week. You could even cover a stain on your favorite plain tee with some scribbling to distract the eye.

freehand sewn flowersI love the simplicity of these freehand sewn flowers.

Poppy_Treffry_madebyhandonline-phonecase_crop-0x800This birdie sits upon an iPhone case by Poppy Treffry a front runner in the scribble sewing world.

text sewingText sewing, as demonstrated here, if you recognize the text then you are a Jared Hess devotee because it comes from his movie, Gentlemen Broncos (2009). An extremely weird film, it will leave you alternating between shock and awe at the silliness/immaturity and the full-on giggles throughout the film and forever after.

purse frontSwirls hand-stitched on a custom diaper bag I made a few years back. More pre-meditated than scribbling but freehanded nonetheless. Could also work quite well on a t-shirt.

scribbleHere is one of the first experiments I did with scribble sewing, my intro to the sport you could say. I put this bird on the front of a purse, then just really wanted that beak to be orange…

Have you done any scribble sewing or even doodling lately?

Make a Hunger Games fan shirt

Here is a little project for you Hunger Games uber fan– watching the clock all day, with butterflies in their tummies in anticipation of Friday March 23 at 12:01 am (otherwise known as the middle of the night, tonight) when they can- at last- witness the film version and decide if it can do the book version justice.

You get to also decide which actor is hotter- Gail (Liam Hemsworth) or Peeta (Josh Hutcherson). As you can see, we are definitely choosing sides here.

Shout it out son.

All you will need is a few t-shirts, paper or cardstock, an exacto knife, a pencil, a printer  (optional), tape, spray paint and paint markers (optional).

A few of these were drawn out by hand onto the cardstock, then cut out. The small, precise “I <3 the boy with the bread” was printed up in a large font then the letters were cut out with an exacto knife.

We used spray paint **in a well ventilated area**. Tape the stencil down with loops of tape on the back of the paper, under the letters and around the edge of the paper. Be sure to cover up any parts of the shirt you don’t want painted with extra cardboard or paper.

Use paint markers or regular permanent Sharpies to highlight around the letters or add a heart or two.

Re-use your stencil often and then tuck it safely away in your “fan” drawer. You know the Star Wars homemade t-shirt makers wish they still had their original stencils…