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pom pom bow with fabric scraps

tutorial: pom-pom bows from scraps of fabric

I’ve been waiting for this idea for so long… finally a use for all those discarded quilting (or otherwise) strips of fabric- a reuseable pom-pom bow.
20130226-193942.jpgAnd it couldn’t be easier to make. Follow these easy steps:
scrappy pom poms wrap the fabric scrapsIf using strips of fabric, find something to wind the strips around. (you can also use small scraps instead of strips and just stack them up instead of wrapping) I used a roll of paper but any sort of bottle or small can will work. The more strips of fabric you use, the fuller the pom-pom will be. Alternate the ‘right’ side of the fabric facing in and out as you add strips.
wrap all the scrapsYou want a pretty fat stack by the time you’re finished wrapping layers. My pom-pom ended up being very full (from the layers you see above and below).
fabric scraps pom pomSlide the layers of fabric off roll and hold then in place in the middle, wherever you decide that will be. I made the middle right where my thumb was and where I started wrapping each layer.
tie a string around the middleTie the middle off tightly with a small piece of fabric, string or medium gauge wire. Make it as tight as you can.
20130226-194110.jpgWith sharp scissors, snip all of the loops, a few layers at a time.
snip all of the loopsOnce all the loops have been snipped, your pom-pom should now look like this (above). At this point you can trim the longer outer layers to match the shorter inside layers or wait until the pom-pom has been shaped.
hold the pom pom with both handsHold the pom-pom on it’s side and with both hands (one on either side) begin to pull the layers out of the middle with equal force on either side.
20130226-194141.jpgSeparate a bit in all areas and sides first, then go back and separate the individual fabric layers until you have a nice round shape. Loose pieces of fabric will fall out here and there, don’t worry, they’re the pieces that didn’t quite wrap with perfect length. Trim the lengths to even up the look of the pom-pom.
recyclable fabric bowAnd there you are- a pom-pom bow made from junk, leftovers, stuff you were going to throw away.

For variety add ribbon, tulle, rick rack in with the layers or even glitter. You could make them in any size- decorate a room, a party, use them instead of bean bags, as an indoor soccer ball on rainy days… and the list goes on.
bow with glitterWe had some spray glitter laying around from a previous project and a bit of sparkle really added to the charm (hard to see, very subtle but elegant).

I dare you to make pom-poms until every scrap of fabric you have is gone, It will happen sooner than you think!

10 easy holiday crafts (using fabric scraps)

Enhance family time over the holidays by incorporating a project into the schedule. These projects are budget-friendly, all ages- so gather everyone up and get your creative on!
If you do any sort of sewing or crafting you most likely have a container- either a shoe box and maybe a storage unit- full of various-sized fabric scraps just waiting to be utilized.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking, and then cutting. All these projects are made using stacked circles, but don’t stop there- start cutting out various shapes and see what you can come up with.

For quick connecting of layers I sewed the stacks all together with loop-the-loops sewn on the sewing machine, this shows off all the colors and designs and can be made into so many things:
Garlands, leave the circles all sewn and strung together to create a colorful accent. Make multiple garlands to hang on the Christmas tree or in a window, over a doorway or around a wreath.

Framed circles– under glass, no sewing necessary. Variations: create a scene of some sort (self portrait, favorite place etc.) with other shapes. Pillow sham– circles can be machine-stitched or hand-stitched to the sham. Christmas tree ornaments– be sure to make them attractive on both sides and sew in a piece of ribbon for hanging. For a rounder shape, add stuffing between layers of circles.

The brighter the better, choose fabric colors and designs that pop!

Make stacked circles into flowers, complete with stalks and leaves.

Dress up a plain skirt, purse or bag, or neckline of a t-shirt with stacked circles. Use various stitches on the sewing machine (or hand-stitch into place) and let the edges fray when washed.

Use buttons to add details (or embroidery stitches) and make the circles look like flowers, faces etc.

Small quilt– for the more serious project-minded individuals. And excellent handmade gift idea. For more examples and quilt shapes look here.

Any other helpful ideas or tips to add? Please share with a comment!