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tiny things tuesday

Let’s talk about how tiny things are so much more awesome than anything else in the world. Why are tiny things so funny and cute? I’m not sure if it’s just me, and it’s definitely rubbing off on my kids now too. Together we ohh and ahh, squeal in silly voices at just about anything that is scaled down to a tiny size. It’s ridiculous and I don’t care. Tiny and detailed object are even better.
Here’s a sampling of my favorite tiny things at the moment:
mouse in sweater
This traveler mouse by Johana, available on Etsy, is absurdly tiny. Take a look at her other critters too- some wearing glasses, sweaters, carrying books…

felt bear necklacePeace felt warrior necklace also on Etsy by catrabbitplush. The beauty is in the clever details and the size- about 6 cm by 6 cm.

Made by the talented Alice Mary Lynch, a commissioned piece titled ‘the firebird’ wears a skirt made from a traditional Russian vintage costume, red tulle petticoat, embroidered socks, plaited golden hair and vintage feather brooch with multi-coloured stones. Very impressive work.

small character dolls
I’ve been following Jess Quinn’s blog for awhile now, she also has an Etsy shop. I’m so inspired with her mad/rad art, sewing and creative skills. I wish I lived in England so I could attend one of the shows where she sells her dolls and be starstruck.

crocheted cactus
These little cacti are reason enough to learn how to crochet. Who wouldn’t want one of these as a gift!? The pattern is available at Little Things Blogged if you’d like to give it a try. I will be attempting to make these very soon.

felt cat with purse
I think it’s the somewhat mournful gaze- not to mention the accessories- that got me on this fat cat. I don’t have any details though, the website is all in Russian.

So, go ahead and adore all that’s tiny on this terrific tiny Tuesday!

tutorial: hugs, kisses and hearts valentine banner

A quick, easy Valentine craft for all ages.
felt heart garlandWe were blessed with a winter storm last night blanketing everything with fresh sparkly powder. I couldn’t help myself but to bundle up and trudge out into the chill for a photo or two of valentine project fun. The neighbor kids hiked over, paused to watch me take pictures then asked if they could have the banners when I was done, that’s a good sign, eh?

felt hearts xoYou could really make the piece of the banner in any size. My hearts, X’s and O’s were roughly 4″ tall, but they would be darling a little smaller too. Make a few different sizes and shapes of heart patterns. Cut out hearts in various colors of felt in reds, purples, pinks, maybe even orange too. Cut out X’s and O’s from white felt. The hearts were easiest to cut out when folded in half, the letters were easier to just cut out flat.

line up hearts

Line up hearts and letters in a color order you like. I decided 6 hearts then XO, 6 hearts then XO for my pattern.

sew across felt hearts

Sew across the wide part of the heart, top 1/3 of X and O. I chose bright orange thread- just for fun. It’s very secondary and won’t be noticed but when studied at close range.

hearts sewn together

All sewn together, side by side, with the smallest gaps possible in between.

close up hearts

Hang them up where ever, inside or out!

felt heart banner


Halloween DIY costumes

All Hallow’s Eve recap, and here they are- the players from our house… just a couple of gnomes and a pineapple. These gnome are fairly easy costumes to put together, with quite a few everyday- closet elements involved. Just a few details like: hats, beards, braids and belts and you’ve got it! And Halloween DIY costumes are always the best and most clever at any party or trick-or-treat circuit.

Pineapple costume– constructed with a yard or two of foam, because you can quite literally make any person-place-or-thing-costume with a couple of yards of foam- and I love that. Degree of difficulty: Advanced. But don’t let that stop you, working with foam, a knife and a glue gun is very rewarding and endlessly creative in what you can dream up. (award winning folks, see: fish taco costume)

Sleepy gnomes, but still having fun taking pictures… as you can see.

Girl gnome costume– quite simple really- a felt pointy hat, apron with rick rack and a mushroom sewn on, lace-up-the-front vest (could be made from felt for a super-simple version), and a elastic-waisted bright colored skirt. I tried to paint rosy cheeks and a few freckles on this gnomes face but she would have none of it.
Real life costume add-ons: striped tights, white shirt, Converse sneakers, long braided hair.

Boy gnome costume– super simple costume-in-an-hour, and I’m not kidding. All you need to make for this costume to be a success is a hat, beard and belt.
Real life costume add-ons: Brightly colored long shirt, pants or tights (yippie!) and a gnomish pair of shoes from your own closet.

Make the beard from white felt. Cut one solid piece in the shape of a beard (with extra on each side to be velcroed in place under the hat) then cut accent beard shapes also from white felt and top-stitch them into place.

Sew down the beard accent pieces, I used light tan thread so the detail would be more visible. Velcro is sewn to the inside of the hat and onto the upper two sides of the beard. The hat is a single piece of felt (cone shaped) with a single seam closing it up. The belt is also felt- in black and gold. The buckle is cut out from gold felt and top-stitched into place. This belt is 3 inches wide, overlaps to close in the back. I attached it to the person with a giant safety pin on the inside, in the back (leaving it to be fastened with a safety pin is good for adjustability too).

Punk rock neighbor kids, willingly posing for the camera, my kids could take a page from their book…

And then the boy gnome turned himself into a luchador and trick or treated throughout the night and lived happily ever after!