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felt and wool

At a glance, I thought I was looking at the Nativity, then I saw the seal…
Eskimo Family Play Set With Igloo – Wool and Wood

If only I could look good in a knit skirt… I have this fabulous black knit dress from H&M but when I put it on and my husband says I looked like a linebacker and it’s probably true. I need to give it away to a slightly-built, waif-like, super-skinny friend who can wear knits on the bottom and not get the two-hogs-rustling-in-a-gunny-sack-look from the back.

But this wild rose scarf, would accentuate my features nicely.

felt food

What is it about felt food that is so stinkin’ hilarious?
Take a look at this flickr group with felt foods, it’s inspiring on so many levels. I didn’t make this felt cake pinktoque did. (Actually, I made a real cake this weekend- chocolate with dark chocolate butter cream frosting… yummy).
Although… I would like to try my hand at felt food soon, and trick visiting neighbor kids. I have some candles that look like cupcakes in my kitchen. Every now and again a new small friend will come over and all of the sudden relate how hungry they are or just try and take a bite when no one is looking. Hey, what can I say?- I would probably have done the same as a child and… perhaps even now.