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jeweled Christmas tree

I have always wanted a Christmas tree made of jewels like you see in your grandmas house, my grandma still puts hers up every Christmas. So finally, I made one of my very own-

I’ve had this frame forever- I got it at Hobby Lobby years ago when I began dreaming up this project. It was super on sale- I think I bought it for $9.99. You can’t tell from the backside in this picture but it’s thick and gaudy- the gaudier the better for this project. I cut a piece of masonite to fit inside the frame and built the tree on. The material had to be thick enough to support the weight of all the sparkly gems.

I used a sponge brush to cover the masonite with a thin coat of fabric glue, then pressed on the velvet fabric for the background. I lightly drew the outline of the tree onto the velvet with chalk, any lines left visible rub off easily in the end. I prearranged the jewels on an extra piece of velvet, in the exact shape I was after.

All of the pieces are glued on with a hot glue gun. I tried to use a little glue as possible so it wouldn’t be blobby and visible. I started with the edges and worked my way in, gluing the biggest jewels down first.

I have been collecting all the costume jewelry for years. This project can get very expensive if you’re not careful. I found a few lots on ebay, a few are family heirlooms and I’ve done lots of digging in local antique shops for cheap broken and mismatched earrings and brooches.

I wanted the tree to look as solid as possible so I filled in the little gaps with tiny jewels and pearls.

A kind blogger friend gave me this bee (it was a belt buckle) and the 2 tiny bees (cuff links?) that are hidden in the mix at the last Beehive Bazaar– Midge, you are so sweet and thoughtful; what a treat to have a few bees to put in the mix!

I can’t believe this tree is finally finished. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. It’s going to be like the best Christmas present ever when I get to put my jeweled tree up this December.

farm animals

farm animals, frogWe have just been to Escalante and Torrey for the past week or so visiting grandparents. The big themes of the trip… farm animals, wildlife and water. It is always fun and educational for all to have some critter encounters from time to time.
This is Chub-Chub the frog. He came out every night to the porch light to get his fill of bugs. Every night we caught him and played with him. Here is Q about to find out if he is really a handsome prince under a spell.

farm animals, giant moth
This moth was a big as a hummingbird. My Mom and I finally got it to stop flying around long enough to snap a few pictures. Bugs shouldn’t be able to get that big.





farm animals, baby rattlesnake

I walked right past this baby rattlesnake, it was my 4 year old who pointed it out. We ended up killing it (not me, I was too freaked out) it had made his house under the steps at my parents house.

farm animals, adolescent chickens



My folks have 29 chickens now. They are very cute in their little coop my brother Adam built. The kids loved feeding them, and when they realized they could… catching them.

farm animals, chicken hairdo



I don’t know the official name for this breed of chicken. We just called them “the fro-bros” even though they are ladies. (gotta love the Chicklet teeth)