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still aproning

Here’s a follow up on the apron-in-progress project I’ve been working on all week… This one (at least) is all done- pockets, details and all. I wanted it to be as useful as possible- fit high on the waist- maintaining outfit cleanliness. I think I need to make a few more using this pattern.

I just discovered this flowering bush across the street from my house. The perfect spot for an apron photograph. It was begging me to take it’s picture,  then be dug up and planted on my property. Seriously, that’s what it said…

Does anyone have any idea what kind of plant/bush/shrub this is? It looks to be around the size and shape of a forsythia (the yellow blooming bushes you see in the springtime) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these before, or at least not while it was blooming or I would already have one in my life. I love spring.

reversible half apron

It’s a miracle- I finally got a few aprons, and one skirt (that’s all I’ve got) listed on Etsy. I’ve literally been at it all day.
I’m not feeling very productive, no matter how hard I seem to try with my every-day morning resolutions, I only ever get a few tasks fully accomplished. Perhaps I need to scale the list back.
I keep getting side-tracked, interrupted. I suppose I should be happy I check at least one thing off that wretched list today.

Anywho- I love this apron pattern. It’s so darn flattering and girly. The reversible apron is so handy, and something about having two sides makes it feel sturdy… with an insurance policy. I made these for the Beehive Bazaar last month- I only have this one and one other like it left. I love the bubble gum pink trim, with the black and white Alexander Henry fabric.