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jumping on the bandwagon

It’s that time of year again- time to shop for everyone you know and don’t forget to make it very obvious to others what you would like for Christmas. Here is my head start on gift ideas I might be partial to…
Get the detail on everything above and many other magnificent ideas at Wanelo.


And if you are in Utah (or have a relative who passes out buddy pass airline tickets and can get here this weekend) be sure to stop by the Beehive Bazaar Handmade Art and Craft– in it’s 9th year, it’s quite literally the best Utah has to offer in local handmade goods, and what it better than handmade? Nothing!

Felt Club 2008

felt club 2008
Early Saturday morning me and a few of my ladies (Colett we will miss you, you chump) hop a plane and bust out to LA for the weekend- main reason: Holiday Felt Club 2008 in LA. We went two years ago and it was super fun to see what all the other artists, crafters and handmade junkies are up to. I can’t wait to leave my own sewing machine and piles of fabric behind for a few lovely days in a warmer climate; to relax without a care in the world… but catching my plane back on Monday.