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git r done

Most of my time over the last few months has been spent in preparation (mostly sewing) for the Beehive Bazaar. Now the stack of ignored chores and duties must be dealt with. Today I scrubbed like a common housewife, all morning. But I’ll admit, later, I got 25 miles in on the road bike- another aspect of life I’ve been ignoring… the fun part. It was glorious and for the moment (until the kids get home) the house & garage are sparkling clean.


an unexpected gift

Last night at about 10:30 pm I sat down to my computer to do a few hours work before heading to bed. The power flickered off once, twice, and then the house fell permanently into darkness.  The  wind and rain had been roaring all evening but nothing, it seemed, extreme enough to knock out the power.
I sat blinking my eyes against the blackness- waiting and listening. All was eerily silent, no whirring of the computer fan or hum of the furnace.
“This is what it was like for the pioneers”, I whispered to myself.
The sun went down and you went to bed, period, end of story.
There was no “I’ll just finish one more thing, read another chapter, watch one more episode…”. It was the mandatory curfew of the elements and they had just intervened in my behalf. Everything I’d planned for the evening were suddenly cancelled. I had absolutely nothing to do. I wasn’t procrastinating, I couldn’t feel guilty- it was out of my hands- not my fault. A beautiful possibility washed over me… I could just go to bed. Simply put on my PJ’s, brush my teeth, quietly crawl under the soft covers and close my eyes. It could be that easy.
But instead, as a proper multi-tasker/crazed lunatic/over achiever/deranged weirdo/caring mother I didn’t squander my precious gift with sleep- I went to the grocery store. Boring. The End.

How to: sew a duvet or coverlet without a center seam

Here’s an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to make a duvet or bedspread for a bed of any size, so that you don’t end up with a goofy and unsightly seam right down the middle of the bed.

Almost every fabric, upholstery or otherwise, will not be wide enough to make it across the full width of even a twin sized comforter. (Blue represent a bolt of fabric.)

If you don’t want your duvet to end up with a seam smack dab in the middle of your bed, follow these steps:

Lay out your fabric (blue) and cut 1 piece (per side) the full length of the comforter you are covering or the full length of the bed (and then some) if you only intend to make a single sided bedspread. Usually this length measures about 75-80″ long.

Now cut another piece of fabric exactly the same length as the first and cut it in half, down the middle.

Take the half sized pieces and place them on either side of of the full size center piece, sew the pieces together. Depending on the bed size, you will need to trim the side pieces to the correct overall width you are looking for. Repeat these steps if you are making a duvet and need a front side and a back side that will be sewn together.

Your bed will now look professional and with a finished quality of a design specialist with every detail in mind.

Check out the full tutorial-  making a duvet with a buttoned closure, in real pictures, step-by-step.