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went swimming, forgot my makeup, vintage swimwear

I think I missed my calling in life- and what a dream to look so good in the water.
I swam in the open water of a lake this morning with a group of lady friends in boring black wetsuits and without any makeup– as a matter of fact- I still have goggles marks smooshed into the skin around my eyes- hours later.  It’s a refreshing way to start the day, minus the goggle prints, if only it looked nearly as graceful or glamorous as any of these women whilst in the water. Jealous, impressed, admiration and wonderment. Maybe I should try a bit of lipstick next time and some vintage swimwear- like a silver or gold lame swimsuit.
Oh how I love summer… and water.
vintage swimwear and swimcaps
I really do want a silver lame swimsuit now, what could be more glamorous? The cut of vintage swimwear really is so flattering, which, the older I get is really something that’s becoming more and more important.

vintage swimwear
These vintage swimcaps are beyond darling and something I wish I could pull off. There is actually a pretty good selection of similar looks at Headcovers.

vintage swimwear, jones beach
A look at vintage swimwear on synchronized swimmers at a Jones Beach New York swimming pool.

vintage swimwear ladies on waterskis
I wish I could say I had seen a performance like this one at Busch Gardens or anywhere else back in the day, but I think most of us have to rely on movies or our imaginations.

vintage swimwear, flower swim caps
The Aqualilies.

vintage swimwear, synchronized swimmers
Esther Williams and synchronized swimmers.

esther williams goddess
Esther Williams.

esther williams, vintage swimwear
Esther Williams, goddess of water. Check out her fan page, swimsuit shop for fabulous vintage swimwear looks.

synchronized swimming, vintage swimwear
I love these swimsuits, and this picture is incredible.

vintage swimwear