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Winter 2013 Beehive Bazaar

The next best thing to making it yourself…

beehive bazaar 2013

If you’re in the Utah area, you’d be silly to miss the Beehive Bazaar Handmade Art and Craft Fair at the Riverwoods in Provo this weekend. Over 70 artists and crafter and a ridiculous amount of working fingers to the bone has gone into this event. Find any and every sort of handmade Christmas gifts, and of course something for yourself!

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Craft Lake City 2013

craft lake city 2013
It’s going to be a jam packed, fun-busy summer weekend in Utah in just a couple of days. We’ve got the highly anticipated Craft Lake City 2013 DIY Festival, in it’s 5th year, in which I will be participating & pedaling my goods on Friday and Saturday. Then I’m off to Park City on Sunday for Park Silly Sunday Market AND to catch the final stage and finish of the Tour of Utah bike race… oh la la. So, if you’re anywhere near the vicinity of the beautiful Wasatch mountains- get out there and have some fun- do a little shopping, dine on delicious summer fare and oogle the boys in spandex riding past on bicycles at lightning speed.
A bit of a preview below-  some skirts I’ve been making for the upcoming markets showcased in an evening of goofing around, trying-to-stay-on-task modeling with my daughters. A couple of lawn cotton zippered skirts, a color block soft cotton skirt in green, two wrap around skirts and vintage altered dress into a skirt. Check back in my Etsy shop after the weekend for skirt listings.
noelle o designs skirts

Spring 2013 Beehive Bazaar

bb smallerThis weekend (or the next!) would be a good time to be in Utah… especially if you love handmade goods.

Set your sights on springtime, and the handmade goodness of the Beehive Bazaar Handmade Art and Craft Fair, May 9-11th and May 17-18 at the Riverwoods. Striding into it’s 10th year, the Beehive Bazaar continues to shine as the premiere and most unique handmade art and craft fair in Utah. Hailing from Happy Valley Utah, aka Provo, the Bazaar showcases the works of more than 70 independent local and national artists and crafters. A savvy shopping experience that is truly unrivaled anywhere in the state.  Enough said, eh?

For the geographically challenged— Instagram (@beehivebazaar or #beehivebazaar) is a fun way to stay abreast of the goings on these upcoming weekends! Take a peek at what’s hot and happening in handmade in the beehive state!

Check out the extensive ‘Bees and Hives’ pinterest board we’ve been happily pinning away on.

Why are bees and their houses so cool?