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Sharing love notes

I had to share this completely moving mini documentary about the astounting Shannon Weber, love notes writer and founder of LoveYou2.org, told by my lovely spouse The Talking Fly. We need more people like Shannon, selflessly putting positive vibes out into the universe. Imagine a world in which we cared about each other as much as ourselves? This video makes me want to strive to be that person.

love you 2

loveyou2I spent a festive, fun filled weekend in San Francisco attending the BlogHerPro, Renegade Craft Fair, watching Santa Con, thrifting, fooding and relaxing all with a dear friend and her family- which is always more fun than a hotel! She’s the brains and heart behind LoveYou2.org which in light of current events is something the world could use a lot more of.
succulent paletteWords of love and encouragement as you walk by or up the steps to home. I love this and the idea of spreading positive vibes in anyway, anyhow- random or deliberately.
loveyou2noteLove notes, available on etsy,  an excellent way to get moving in the right, positive direction. Words of love and encouragement are always appreciated and remembered.

jesusand childrenI love this, I saw it on Instagram, and seeing this view of the tragic event in Connecticut has given me some peace. But for those of us left behind on earth it’s hard to know with the complete randomness of shootings as they occur around the country, what to do or how to deal with your feelings. For sure, there’s no easy solution to the gun situation and folks on either side are hell bent on having it their way.

quiltquoteAs a mother,  I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to take action within our own families. A few ideas…

1. Take care of your little people as the grow, their healthy and happiness is your responsibility.
2. Spread the love and encouragement on thick, until it feels over the top and makes them roll their eyes.
3. Make certain you’re sincere when you verbalize love.
4. Give them your full attention- eye contact and often. Don’t expect them to put the game or phone down, look and listen to you if you don’t show them the same respect (put the phone down).
5. Really listen to what they tell you (or aren’t saying in their actions).
6. Keep your kids close, just like they say in the drug and alcohol free ads you hear and see on billboards,  talk to your teens and encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings with you.
7. Get them help them if you sense there is a problem with their mental health.
8. Be a good example.
9. Give hugs and kisses, cuddle.
10. Get in the habit of family time- whatever works- dinner together, reading, watching a movie, games etc.