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make a fabric scrap pillow

make a fabric scrap pillowHere is how to make a fabric scrap pillow project, I think it’s safe to say that as seamstress and quilters we all have piles of fabric, sometimes already in strips, just waiting to be made into something- so why not a pillow? In this case, the front of the pillow is pieced and the back is a solid piece of fabric. I sewed on a little rick-rack and ribbon to the pieced side to add a little texture.

Full tutorial on making a pillow with fringe (or piping) and zipper.

make a fabric scrap pillow I had in mind this orangish fringe trim for the edges of the pillow, some trim I got at Tasha’s pieced goods, the big warehouse on the frontage road in Springville- before it changed into an antique mall.
I got a lot of really wacky colored lace, rick-rack and assorted trimmings extremely cheap before they (sadly) phased out that part of the store.
I searched my sewing room and could not find the fringe in question. It turned up the next day, in another tub full of trims in my crawl space…my pre-sewing room organizational system leftovers. At least NOW I know I really do have some orange fringe, and I can find it put away in it’s proper place from now on. So, this greenish trim found it’s way onto the pillow. It makes it a bit fancier, just the sort of thing kids can’t keep their hands off.

make a fabric scrap pillowthe orange trim in question…