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A handmade gift is the best

The best kind of gift is handmade- especially on Mother’s Day. I love watching the faces of my little people light up as they pass packages from behind their backs and tell me about what they’ve worked so hard to make- it’s truly one of the best moments of motherhood. This Mother’s Day was fantastic- full of handmade goodness, thoughtfulness, hugs and kisses.

20120514-093934.jpgA book we love, The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman- all about mothering- with excellent rhyming and illustrations. The pictures by Marla Frazee are fantastic but my favorite page is this one:
20120514-093943.jpgA mother (wearing a macaroni necklace and paper crown) blows out the candles on a cake the kids have worked together to bake.  A picnic blanket in the foreground is covered with little gifts made and gathered by chubby little, grubby little hands- priceless.

A sassy hand-forged and personalized Mother’s Day autograph gift from my sis whose opinions and affiliations on most topics could not differ radically from my own, (did we grow up in the same house?) luckily, we do agree that sarcasm is king. Mitt makes the refrigerator- thanks girl, I love ya!

think about your mum

Here are a few ideas from Wanelo as we prepare for the big day- Mother’s Day. Whenever the subject or Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day) comes up at our house, my kids balk at and gloomily mutter, “when’s it going to be Kid’s Day?” This happens, without fail, every year. Oh my dearest teenage cherubs… god love ’em.

And a few hand selected ideas I’ve come up with on my own:
From the background can you tell where one can pick up this book?

Killing me- I laugh out loud every time I even think about this book. It’s available at Urban Outfitters of course, otherwise known at our house as the potty word store. Not that we don’t love UO, it’s maybe not the best place for little ones just learning how to read- if you know what I mean.

Or skip a merchandise purchase entirely and make your mom dinner. Perhaps you can personalize it with a slightly camouflaged salad-self-portrait.

Good luck and remember that every other day of the year is Kid’s Day- so take one day and treat your mom right!

girl power

Happy May Day! (and for some: day after quarterlies taxes, payday, bill paying day, not my birthday, 25 more days of school… yikes. ) Spring has finally come to my town- the trees are in full blossom, tulips are up. We awoke this morning to the sound of a steady drumming rain which doesn’t happen all that often in the West- consequently, always a delightful sound.
Needless to say, Mother’s Day is right around a few corners and therefore time to think about your Mom(s). This quilt makes me think of the mothers in my life. The squares were pieced by my mother-in-law (quilter extraordinaire) then passed along to me. I finished the quilt, in whatever pattern the blocks chose for themselves and it hangs in my mom’s (lady extraordinaire) B&B.

It’s got me thinking about the greatest part of being a girl is all the other girls around you and the collective support we can give to each other in every way. So get out your favorite tools, (whatever they may be) and create something for or with your mothers and daughters. Make some memories and teach some skills that will last forever. I sure do appreciate all the ladies in my life.