Midway Utah- part 2

A bit more history about Midway Utah- last week we finished up another year of Swiss Days in which our no-stop-light-town fills up with 30,000+ visitors, it's a weekend of yodeling, local musicians performing, craft, lederhosen and Swiss pride. I love it all- the Swiss-themed signage and … Continue reading

Mountain Spaa photo tour

As a quick recap, this past weekend we wandered about the remains of the derelict Mountain Spaa Resort not far from our house and peaked into all the rooms, into the craters, got a little grossed out and took lots of pictures. Here are a few of my favorite images, more photos can be seen … Continue reading

decroded wallpaper sampler

Wallpaper was my mother's thing. I can remember, as a kid, helping her hang it (probably mostly getting in the way), but I've never actually put it up myself and until recently, never really gave it a thought. Although, currently, I can't stop thinking about some fabulous paper on a wall or two in … Continue reading

Mountain Spaa- intro

A couple of miles from our house lie the ruins of an old resort called Mountain Spaa. I'm not exactly sure how long it has been abandoned and wasting away but I believe it saw it's best times in the 1940's. Midway is known for the geothermal activity just below the surface and all of the current … Continue reading