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the final weeks of summer

Got some pictures taken and goods listed on etsy this week. A lovely, sunny, late summer afternoon watching the bees work on the flowers as the sun warms your back. Better enjoy it while we can, before we know it- the snow will fly.

A vintage dress for Homecoming

20120924-112100.jpgMy daughter picked out this pattern from my collection for her homecoming dress, just fine as I’ve been interested in giving it a try. Blue taffeta for the fabric, pretty easy to work with and washable too.

20120924-112125.jpgThe tough part- getting those scallops to work and lay flat with no puckers when all is turned right side out.

20120924-112150.jpgWay too big on the first fitting, hmm…

The amount of changes needed necessitated remaking the entire bodice, but using the original skirt.  The main adjustment was to the middle of both bodice pieces, I removed about 3/4 of an inch from (both the front and back) the original size 20 pattern for the size 8 gal I was making the dress for. The remake actually worked out well- especially because it allowed me to improve my scallop neckline. Practice makes perfect.

A much better fit the second time around. Darling!

Thank you Pinterest for so many hair ideas, and the final choice.
Blooms, Julia Smith florals, we couldn’t help ourselves but set up a photo shoot. With a willing posse of teens dresses to the nine’s and gorgeous fresh flowers- why wouldn’t you?

Watch the video here.

light writing

We took off last weekend for one final summertime extravaganza- fun in the sun at Lake Powell. Among the many activities we enjoyed during the daylight hours such as swimming, tubing, wake boarding, kayaking, hiking, relaxing, overeating… one of the mandatory evening activities included a crowd pleasing favorite- fun with flashlights. All of these pictures were shot with a 10 second exposure. The red/pink light was created with a small piece of red gel taped over the flashlight. The wings were made by a person standing behind the angel and drawing toward the camera, switching the light off when finished. The heart was made by a second person pointing the red flashlight at the chest for the full 10 seconds. A third person shined a white light on the angels face for just a moment before turning the flashlight to draw the halo.

10 second exposure. 3 helpers we used making this devil, two behind- one making the trident and the other making the horns and tail. One helper in front exposing the face for a second or two.

Angel with a broken wing, beware, light writing is addicting. Before you know it you’ll have taken 100 picture trying to get it just right.

Group photo, 10 second exposure, 2 helpers in back making swiggles, one if front exposing each face as quickly as possible.