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jumping on the bandwagon

It’s that time of year again- time to shop for everyone you know and don’t forget to make it very obvious to others what you would like for Christmas. Here is my head start on gift ideas I might be partial to…
Get the detail on everything above and many other magnificent ideas at Wanelo.


And if you are in Utah (or have a relative who passes out buddy pass airline tickets and can get here this weekend) be sure to stop by the Beehive Bazaar Handmade Art and Craft– in it’s 9th year, it’s quite literally the best Utah has to offer in local handmade goods, and what it better than handmade? Nothing!

bus stop cozy- yarn bombing, Provo Utah

bus stop cozy- yarn bombing, Provo Utah
bus stop cozy- yarn bombing, Provo UtahYarn bombing sighting, Provo Utah-

Now THAT’S a lot of work. It wasn’t me, unfortunateIy I don’t knit very well or very quickly, this would have taken me 10 years to make. Most likely it was a Cougar (BYU) who knitted this marvel, this bus stop cozy, yarn bombing in Provo UT was spotted on a bus stop near BYU campus and we snapped a few photos before it was taken off- and who was in a hurry to remove it? Why people??  It’s art, performance art and it should be left up for everyone to enjoy! I wish I knew the clever person who added some warmth to the waiting bus patrons, even the bench was covered with a cozy. I think we would all like to thank the perpetrator(s) for putting a smile on all of our faces, adding color and coziness to the day.

Beehive Bazaar December 2008

Here is a sneak peek folks!

I’m dying over these tiny boxes ‘o’ nonsense, shadow boxes or I guess you could call them tiny dioramas, features at this years event- Beehive Bazaar December 2008, I want at least 5 to put all over my house.

Don’t miss the Beehive Bazaar Local Handmade Art and Craft Fair in Provo Utah. Opening night is tonight and I can’t wait to see what all the hardworking handmade busy bees are going to treat us to! Bee there or bee super bummed out if you miss it…