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tutorial: foundation quilting block piecing

confetti quilt, foundation quiltingI just learned how to do foundation quilting by another gal in my quilt guild named Noelle but spelled Noel, a fairly serious situation for someone who doesn’t usually have to share her name. Anyway, this is how my ‘Confetti quilt’ (with foundation pieced blocks) is looking so far. I’m feeling unreasonable euphoric as I use up scraps like crazy, reliving memories as I pick through smallish leftovers from previous projects.

If you want to know more or try it for yourself, check out the tutorial with detailed instructions on how to make this kind of block with foundation piecing, here.

foundation quilting pieced square

For the step-by-step process look here.

For a look at the finished project go here.

Check out this great Pinterest board and this one too for foundation quilt piecing and paper piecing quilting ideas.

tutorial: cowboy boot quilt, part 2

Giddy up, let’s get this quilt finished up and get on with Valentine’s Day!
fabric combosI picked out all the fabrics I wanted to use, and worked up a layout following the large print for the top of the boot, small print for the toe of the boot suggestions in the instructions in Part 1.

pieces for quiltI cut out all of the pieces and created an assembly line for the sewing machine and right next to the iron for piecing the blocks.

cowboy bootsAll the squares are finished and it really didn’t take that long. It’s kind of like painting a room- there’s a lot of prep work so when you finally get to that last- actually painting- step it’s almost like a reward.

cowboy boot blocks.jpgI added the short sashes of 2″ wide strips to the bottom of all the blocks.

20130213-230333.jpgThen sew the blocks into three row and prepare the long sash strips to connect the block rows.

20130213-230348.jpgSew the outer sashes to the connected blocks.

20130213-230400.jpgThe center of the quilt is complete. My new life motto is “done is better than perfect”, this is beginning to apply to every aspect of my life and I can live with that. Because, really, who but yourself is going to notice that the seams don’t line up perfectly?

Now, for the borders…

fabric selection.jpgI puzzled about which fabric or fabrics to add for the border. In the end, I choose two colors. One is a 1 1/2″ width and the outer border is 2 1/2″ width- a little variety in widths always looks good.

Now, instead of taking pictures as I worked on the border, I made a Vine video (because you can’t do both at the same time on the same device- if you ask me, Vine needs to work on this). It’s extremely short, 6 seconds, but you get the picture.

small boots quilt.jpgDone! Well, ready to be quilted and then bound…


dandy & flirt

I’ve been dreaming up fancy ways to make use of heaps of the symmetrical scraps cluttering up my space- too small to be very useful yet too big to toss in the garbage.

For many hours now, I’ve been thoughtfully (and haphazardly) sewing them all together with a pinch of rhyme and reason but with plenty of caution tossed aside.

I generally (unconsciously) save solid colored fabrics for bindings or only sparingly mix them in with plenty of patterns- but not today. I forced myself (at least in the beginning) to only sew solid colored strips together and ended up loving the result.

When working with patterned fabrics here are a few helpful few helpful suggestions that I live by- 1) repeat colors or color families, 2) vary the width of the actual strips, 3) mix geometric, small and larger prints.

The pieced panels (solid colors and patterned) are about 17″ (43 cm) by 4 feet (1.3 m) long. Can you venture a guess at what I’m making?