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A handmade gift is the best

The best kind of gift is handmade- especially on Mother’s Day. I love watching the faces of my little people light up as they pass packages from behind their backs and tell me about what they’ve worked so hard to make- it’s truly one of the best moments of motherhood. This Mother’s Day was fantastic- full of handmade goodness, thoughtfulness, hugs and kisses.

20120514-093934.jpgA book we love, The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman- all about mothering- with excellent rhyming and illustrations. The pictures by Marla Frazee are fantastic but my favorite page is this one:
20120514-093943.jpgA mother (wearing a macaroni necklace and paper crown) blows out the candles on a cake the kids have worked together to bake.  A picnic blanket in the foreground is covered with little gifts made and gathered by chubby little, grubby little hands- priceless.

A sassy hand-forged and personalized Mother’s Day autograph gift from my sis whose opinions and affiliations on most topics could not differ radically from my own, (did we grow up in the same house?) luckily, we do agree that sarcasm is king. Mitt makes the refrigerator- thanks girl, I love ya!