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moves like Jagger

If you didn’t catch the season finale of Saturday Night Live this weekend with host Mick Jagger & Foo Fighters- you missed out. I would recommend the whole episode, full of special appearances by John Hamm, Steve Martin, Arcade Fire and Jeff Beck. Here’s the link to a very entertaining skit- karaoke Mick Jagger impersonation by Fred Armisen.

I will admit I got teary eyed (along with everyone on-screen) as they said goodbye to Kristen Wiig with past and current cast members on stage. That girl is brilliant and we’ll all miss her. Here’s hoping she continues on with her fabulous career.

a case of the giggles

This bit of performance art on the windowsill has everyone who passes through the kitchen laughing out loud. One of the best SNL digital shorts, I’m On A Boat (beware: bad language) is frequently referenced at our house- thanks dear, for making me chuckle.

Some more about boating- just for fun.



laughter and tears

I’m not sure how I missed Portlandia so far, my eternal love for Saturday Night Live has made me a huge Fred Armisen fan. These two clips made me laugh especially hard- many more out there if you have the time.

And the brief mention of tears? Well, it still hasn’t snowed (more than a skiff) in Utah. My worry is turning to dread, superstitions piling up. I’m compiling a list.