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I’m going to skip the part where I share how I’ve been meaning to make a St. Patrick’s Day door wreath for years and instead show you the finished product. In a matter of hours and with the final chapters of East of Eden on the ipod, I accomplished this trivial but cheerful assignment. Check it off the list, put it up on the door- just in time- make one for yourself if you like, here’s my tutorial.

wool shamrock garland

wool shamrock garland
wool shamrocks
The St. Patrick’s Day wool shamrock garland is finished. What is it with me and garlands? I just can’t seem to have too many. This wool shamrock garland was easy to make because I just added the shamrocks- made with various green wools cut into shamrock shapes and embellished with sequins, ribbon and gold tinsel added to the red and orange felted flowers that were already on a string. I hope I don’t regret later that I sewed them all together and want to take it all apart to salvage my beloved felted flowers. I should just learn how to make them and keep a stash in all colors.
Anyway- have a great day, I hope you remembered to wear your green…