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Tomi, three legged wonderdog

Meet Tomi our three legged, furry canine cousin and star of the show at Wilson Backcountry Sports in Wilson Wyoming.

She lost her leg falling out of a ranchers truck as a pup. She was adopted by my brother and sister-in-law from a shelter after surgery to amputate the injured leg. Nine years later… she’s the happiest best loved doggie in the state of Wyoming.

I made this life-sized stuffed replica of Tomi as a Christmas gift years back, I haven’t seen it for awhile- it sure made me giggle to see it again.

Tomi’s clone is made from upholstery samples pieced together in a random haphazard way, with attention to coloring and number of limbs, of course.

Nice likeness eh?

No need to feel sorry for this disabled gal- here she is enjoying here favorite sport of mountain biking with her cousins from Utah.

Tomi’s portrait, by a local artist- wearing her happy face.

Felt ballerina bunny doll

felt ballerina bunny dollWool felt ballerina bunny

Wool felt ballerina bunny doll here- handmade and complete with a tulle tutu. She is wearing a beaded necklace but no shirt. Bunnies can get away with it. Bows are tied around her ears for lack of hair making her even cuter.

How to make a wool felt ballerina bunny:

All in all, a very simple DIY sewing project to undertake.

  1. Draw the body of the bunny onto paper.  Leave extra around the edges for a seam allowance.
  2.  You can make it as large or as small as you like but around 18 inches or 46 cm is pictured here. This size was easy to make for sewing and stuffing aspects.
  3. Lips, eyes, nose and eyebrows were all sewn onto the face first before the front and back pieces of the bunny body were put together.
  4. After the face has been sewn on, place the two right sides together and sew around the perimeter leaving a 3 inch or 7.7 cm gap along the outside of the lower leg (an area that will be under the skirt) for turning right side out and stuffing.
  5. Turn the bunny right side out. Using scissors or a pen, push out the ears, legs and arms until they are fully right side out.
  6. Fill the bunny with stuffing- using the scissor or pen again to push the stuffing to the ends of the limbs. Pinch the stuffing gap together, hand whip stitch the hole closed.
  7. To make the skirt- decide how long you want it to be on your bunny, and how gathered. Using a piece of ribbon as the waistband, gather the tulle tightly as you sew it to the backside of the ribbon. Use velcro or simply leave the ends of the ribbon long to tie the skirt onto the bunny.felt doll DIY boy surfer doll

skeleton dollfunny felt doll