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the question on everybody’s mind

Now that it’s October, the question that immediately pops into my mind is: what am I going to be for Halloween?, or more specifically… what am I going to make my kids be for Halloween? So far, no one has a costume chosen,  I’m going to try and work this in my favor and talk the troops into whatever I can dream up. Here are a few good ideas to start the creative juices flowing…
Any brilliant ideas out there? I know how to sew, pretty good…

I really want to make a few of these vintage stewardess outfits, and make my 8 year old a pilot costume, (source)

Yip-Yips from Sesame Street (source)

Blue Boy, (source)

Honey Bucket costume, via Pinterest

Will and Kate, royal family costumes, (source)

Heidi Klum’s corpse costume, source

The Brady Family- needlepoint episode? how did I miss this one? (source)

the final weeks of summer

Got some pictures taken and goods listed on etsy this week. A lovely, sunny, late summer afternoon watching the bees work on the flowers as the sun warms your back. Better enjoy it while we can, before we know it- the snow will fly.