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surf art

We picked up this t-shirt and a few others (including one that’s already at the bottom of the lake- grrr…) at the Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach, California on our summer excursion to the sea about a month ago. A fantastic shop (with great online shopping as well) with a nice local art influence making it essential to pop in every time were in that neighborhood.

Designed by local artist Tyler Warren- I’m loving his art, as does my daughter- I think we’ll be ‘sharing’ this shirt. I’ll intervene on behalf of fate and insist it be left out of future wake boarding trips or other apparel endangering activities such as building barbwire fences, painting barns and such.

What is it about surf art that’s so appealing? Pleasant seaside memories? wishes for future trips to the beach? leaving all you worries behind to stare at the water and wiggle your toes in the sand? All of the above and then some.
By the way, if I were to get a tattoo… this guy would be at the top of my list of designers- just saying.

a milestone

Today my eldest turns 16, she got her driver’s license at 8:01 am and drove off into the rising sun- to a worthy destination- to work at Park City Sailing Camp. It’s hard to believe how time passes so quickly, they grow up so fast- it’s so cliche and couldn’t be more true. It’s this little lady that I followed to Cambodia a few weeks ago to help with the humanitarian service trip she prepared a year for. Thanks for being such a great kid, good example and so much fun. Happy Birthday world traveler!20120711-140307.jpg
Rock Canyon, Provo Utah 2005

Paris, France 2007

One Mile Beach, New South Wales, Australia, January 2010

Prague, Chechoslovakia, June 2011

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia, June 2012