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add sleeves to a strapless dress

how to add sleeves to a dress

If you are buying a prom, bridesmaid or wedding dress in the store, you most likely experienced some frustration in trying to find some attempt at modesty straight off the rack that doesn’t look like a grandmother-of-the-bride dress or worst. Sleeveless dresses seem to be the standard and if you’re looking to show a little less skin, this can be extremely frustrating. Here’s some help, a full tutorial on how to add sleeves to a strapless dress that requires very simple sewing skills to follow. So go ahead and buy that darling strapless dress and follow this tutorial and confidently add sleeves on your own.

the finished sleeves

sleeves added to a prom dress
So there it is…. the very superficial role I played in Prom this year- altering a dress (or two) for my daughter’s friends. I was denied full involvement due to the fact that my own 16 year old daughter is in Costa Rica as a foreign exchange student (@qruby on Instagram for a glimpse at some fun pictures) until July. Q wasn’t too worried about missing Prom, she was surfing in Jaco instead- a trade I would take any day. We agreed upon the the fact that I would have liked to have seen what dress she would have chosen for that high school coming-of-age event. Ever since then, she’s been at work on a great “Prom dress” Pinterest board, and I love what she’s pinned. There’s always her senior Prom and a boxes full of vintage patterns in my sewing room to look forward too next year!

drawstring skirt pattern

Stand out in the crowd by making your very own simple skirt with a wacky combination of fabrics. Perfect with a white tee shirt, chunky necklace and colorful strappy sandals on a hot summer day. The step by step drawstring skirt pattern tutorial is posted here or under the ‘sewing projects’ header (drawstring summer skirt) above.
drawstring skirt

gathered skirt back viewThe back view, might help you decide if you’d like to add pockets or leave them off. They could always be a less obvious fabric (than the one I used on this skirt) or go ahead and leave off the pockets and stay trashy with your phone stuffed in your bra or knickers …wherever it fits best ladies! 😉

easy summer skirt

No need to be matchy-matchy, get bold and stand out in a crowd!

easy Easter sewing crafts

Here are a few last minute projects my crafty 13 year old daughter has her sights set on. With Easter just 2 days away, easy and quick is the name of the game.
She can taunt her Peep lovin’ brothers (and me) and leave their mouths watering with these inedible imitations. I somehow want to add sparkles to these guys, maybe a little glue and appropriately colored glitter would do the job? Here they are- our favorite easy Easter sewing crafts:

Peeps plushies:

fleece peeps, easy easter sewing crafts

Full plush Peeps sewing pattern and tutorial from Dandelions and Lace here.

Sewn Carrots:

sewn carrot tutorial, easy easter sewing crafts

M has already dug into my fabric scraps and managed to sew up a few of these carrots this week using this tutorial from Claire’s Craft Room. She even found some of the exact same orange polka dot fabric in my extensive collection of scraps.

sewing carrots, easy easter sewing crafts


AND… I really want to make a Peep garland, seriously, with my obsessions with garlands (one on every window) and Peeps (even though they aren’t chocolate) why haven’t I made one already?

Peeps garland or bunting:

peeps garland, easy easter sewing crafts

Find the full and very easy tutorial here from Dana Made It.