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You can’t buy happiness

We’ve headed north this week for one final hurrah of summer before the kids start school next week. Final destination- Jackson Hole Wyoming- playland of sport and wildlife (inside and outside the house). Here’s the quote of the day:

20120813-204543.jpgIn keeping with the theme of love for the sport of cycling- we rode mountain bikes. The view of Teton Village from the Phillips Ridge trail, smoky (wildfires burning across the West) but still breathtaking.

Indian paintbrush in dark red, impressing those who speed by.

Trail builders with a sense of humor, to wash the blood off after you crash?

Phenomenal single track, just before I got a flat… and had to hike out.

I was going to swim, but the dog got there first.


Nature moment- pause to study the lichen covered rock.

My brother-in-law’s fancy bike- our guru and tour guide of local folklore and trail tales.

20120813-204904.jpgThis section of trail is called the patio- serious trail building skills in action, these guys need to come help me landscape my backyard.

I need to look into getting one of these Earth Roamers, then I can drive to any trailhead, or the ends of the earth.

So… I got not one but TWO mountain bike rides in today…sigh…happiness. That’s saying a lot for a busy mom lady. Let this not be the last time!

weekend in desert country

Back in the car for another road trip, a mere 5 hour drive (one way) this time, we’ve headed to the southern Utah desert for a few fabulous days at grandma’s house which is also a bed and breakfast (Slot Canyons Inn) and ranch in Escalante Utah.  20120804-220828.jpg
Sunflowers soaking up the desert sun.
I came eye to eye with these sunflowers, as big as my head and just waiting for a close up.
Baby girl and Uno with their hunky blonde boyfriend Dallas.
Apple laden trees, sourly delicious- give them another week and they’ll be perfectly ripe.
Meet Ghost face, my favorite longhorn in the herd.
The steer- names Q-tip, a real tough guy and only 2 years old.
Mountain sheep, Thelma and Louise, hiding among the rocks.

Playing in the waterfall- a perfect sneaky shelf for the movie moment of hiding behind the waterfall.
A late afternoon tiny flash flood- glad we swam earlier. While this much water isn’t going to wash you away, it sure was smelly and nasty.

Cambodian textiles

As a fabric and textile junkie- and just having returned from Cambodia- this book, Pictorial Cambodian Textiles by Gill Green, grabbed me and pulled me in. Unfortunately, you’d probably have to find a museum in Cambodia to see this stuff in real life, I didn’t see a drop of it on my visit (this whole planet is turning into a ‘Made in China’ experience). Have a look, get inspired and make something of your own.
I’m happy to report- there is an Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles in Siem Reap, may tradition and culture live on!