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Vintage valentines part 2

Here is the second installment of vintage valentines from my collection, equally as shocking and hilarious as part 1, perhaps even more so…
vintage valentines
Or I’m gonna take this hammer…

vintage valentines
Thankfully, this was originally published in the 1950’s and hopefully it gets a different reaction in 2012– funny but super inappropriate.

vintage valentines
OR… just imagine I’m a vampire (or werewolf) and now I’m all ears… what was it you were going to do to me?

vintage valentines
No words necessary, you had me when you skated up in the one strap pair of green pantaloons sans shirt.

vintage valentines
Aw come on, my hair looked like that all day yesterday.

vintage valentines
Made in USA, printed on there, just in case.

vintage valentines
A makeover would be a good start, no matter what the determinations.

vintage valentines
Axe and ice skates? Throwing caution to the wind for you, Valentine.

vintage valentines
Hmmm… creepy and fascinating. This is a short story starter for 7th graders.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

garland ideas

If you’ve hung around here at all you’ll know by now I’m way into banners… garlands… buntings- whatever you want to call them. I decided long ago they’re definitely for everyday use and not just special events since they make every space just a bit more fancy. Here are a few great garland ideas to puzzle over- if you’re not yet convinced- a Valentine garland ready-to-go on Etsy and a super easy tutorial if you’d like to try your hand at making one for yourself.

valentine garlandHere’s one of the Valentine garlands I’ve been making, really just a very girly pink and red bit of flair with an emphasis on L-O-V-E.

spring garlandA shot of my entry way. I switch this garland out seasonally, but there’s always something draped in this spot. The ceramic birds holding the flowers is from a yard sale, complete with a special message to someone else on the back in Sharpie. It fell off the wall awhile back and shattered into about 23 pieces. I painstakingly glued it back together because I love it so much, just don’t gaze at it too closely!

bv3Here’s a close up of the Valentine fabrics banner available in my Etsy shop.

tutorial: Jeweled Valentine Heart

It finally time to put up the Valentine knick knacks. I don’t have many in the Valentine category, but the few I have are favorites.  When I made my jeweled Christmas tree a few years ago, my zeal for gathering sparkly gems left me with a pile if unused splendor. I missed my Christmas tree so much from January through November, I came up with this Valentine idea- got out the glue gun and went to town.
The cheapest way to undertake a project like this is to first scour the jewelry drawer at your grandma, mom and your own house. Then sift through the bargain (broken, unmatched) box at your local thrift and antique store, or even shop for bags of costume jewelry on ebay.

The frame is from Hobby Lobby or your local thrift store, antique shop or your attic- the gaudier the better. I went with a fairly inexpensive hot pink satin for the background. The fabric is glued to the front of a piece of masonite (a thin piece of plywood would work too), then wrapped around and glued to the back of the wood as well- so- under the gems and then behind, no sagging allowed. Once the fabric is glued into place, start arranging the gems on the ready surface.
Spent plenty of time arranging the gems so that the shape and colors all flowed nicely.
Arrange the larger pieces first, use the shape of the jewels to create rounded or pointy corners. Fill in around the big pieces with tiny gems for a nice uniform arrangement.

I used pliers frequently- snapping off earring posts, the backs of brooches, and chopping up necklaces and bracelets to get the right sizes of jewelry to include. All of the jewels are just hot glued in place. Keep the pliers handy so you don’t burn your fingers or overdo it on the amount of glue. Secure the heart into it’s frame with tiny nails tapped carefully into the back of the frame.

Enjoy the Valentine sparkle!